- add meta informations for upcoming extension manager (not yet activated)9
[enigma2-plugins.git] / permanentclock / src /
2009-09-11 Nabil Hannaskin correction
2009-06-17 Nabil Hannacenter screens
2009-06-08 Nabil Hannause newer eTimer commands
2009-05-30 Nabil Hanna-simplified translation code
2009-01-25 Nabil Hannaadded LICENSE.txt
2009-01-07 Nabil HannaUse transparent clock. Thx to Kerni
2008-12-25 Nabil HannaRemoved duplicate code
2008-12-22 Andreas Monznerdisable permanent clock by default
2008-12-12 Nabil HannaFIX translations. Thanks to Spaeleus for the report.
2008-11-28 Nabil HannaFIX: missing init of PermanentClock class when opening...
2008-11-26 Nabil HannaAdded PermanentClock plugin