Make updateIntervals configurable (Extras->Settings) on Client-Side.
[enigma2-plugins.git] / webinterface / po /
2009-12-26 Dario CrociItalian translation update
2009-10-31 Stephan ReichholfAdd danish and norwegian translation. Thx to humsat!
2009-10-27 WeeGullUpdated sv.po for webinterface to follow webinterface...
2009-10-26 Stephan ReichholfChange some strings, update german Translation + pot...
2009-09-25 Moritz Vennupdate tr locale (thanks mytholog)
2009-09-22 Andreas Monznerupdate/add some serbian translations
2009-09-03 WeeGullUPD, revert national char workaround.
2009-09-02 WeeGulleWindow_setTitle does not like national chars as едц...
2009-09-02 WeeGullUpdate sv.po from potfile.
2009-08-21 Andreas Monzneradd serbian translation
2009-08-10 Andreas Monzneradd polish translation
2009-08-10 Andreas Monznerinitial add polish translation
2009-07-19 Rico Schultefix typos
2009-06-01 Moritz Vennadd/update italian translation, thx spaeleus!
2009-04-15 WeeGullUpdated sv.po
2009-03-01 Moritz Vennadd/update dutch translation of tageditor,movieretitle...
2009-02-19 Stephan Reichholf*** empty log message ***
2009-02-19 Stephan ReichholfSmall Translation Update
2009-02-03 WeeGullAdded swedish translation
2009-01-26 Stephan Reichholfuse notifications for message stuff, do not translate...
2009-01-26 Stephan Reichholfupdate Translations
2009-01-24 Stephan Reichholfupdate tr.po - thx MytHoLoG
2009-01-10 Stephan Reichholfadd es, thx to Jose
2009-01-09 Stephan ReichholfAdd frisian translation and update dutch translation...
2009-01-09 Stephan Reichholffix german
2009-01-09 Stephan Reichholfupdate german translation and .pot
2009-01-09 Stephan ReichholfAdd tr Translation (Thx to MytHoLoG)
2009-01-06 Stephan Reichholfuse fritz!call makefile as template
2009-01-06 Stephan ReichholfAdd German Translation for the GUI-Part (please test...