movielist can now be filtered by a movietag (or a part of a movietag)
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2007-06-24 Rico Schultemovielist can now be filtered by a movietag (or a part...
2007-06-24 Rico Schulteadd Movietag List avaible with dm7025/web/movietags
2007-06-19 Rico Schulteremoved unwanted xml-header-line
2007-03-12 Julian Dittrichanother filetype has to be deleted
2007-03-11 Julian Dittrichfix deleting bug
2007-03-09 Julian DittrichMany changes, commented in
2007-01-27 Rico Schulteadd Filename
2007-01-26 Rico Schulteadd extended description of movies
2007-01-12 Rico Schulteadd movielist support