fix Components movement
[enigma2-plugins.git] / webinterface /
2007-01-11 Felix Domkefix Components movement
2007-01-11 Felix Domkerename Components -> WebComponents
2007-01-11 Felix Domkerename to WebComponents
2007-01-11 Felix Domkefix control file
2007-01-11 Felix Domkeadd preliminary ipkg target
2007-01-11 Felix Domkeadd
2007-01-11 Felix Domkerestructure webif, add automake/autoconf
2007-01-11 Rico Schulteadd possibility to get timers as list
2007-01-10 Stephan Reichholf- Changed fetchchannels.xml to return result as xml...
2007-01-10 Rico Schulteunused import removed
2007-01-10 Rico Schultenicer EPG search form
2007-01-10 Rico Schultenow using ListFiller to increase performance
2007-01-10 Rico Schulteremoved unneeded
2007-01-10 Rico SchulteEPGEvent: fix day and month bug
2007-01-10 Rico Schultetarget=blank for streamlink removed
2007-01-09 Rico Schulteadd StreamingM3U
2007-01-09 Rico Schulte*** empty log message ***
2007-01-09 Rico Schultekeep *.xml clean from design things
2007-01-09 Rico Schulteusing PNG images as standart imageformat
2007-01-09 Rico Schulte-changed by layouting
2007-01-09 Rico SchulteIntital CVS Version by 3c5x9
2007-01-09 Rico SchulteCopyright 2005 Sabre Airline Solutions
2007-01-09 Rico SchultePrototype JavaScript framework, version 1.4.0
2007-01-09 Rico SchulteIntital CVS Version
2007-01-09 Rico SchulteIntital CVS Version, based upon