add lost line
[enigma2-plugins.git] / wirelesslan / src /
2008-11-08 Mladen Horvatadd lost line
2008-11-05 Mladen HorvatWlan-Connect fixes
2008-09-30 Mladen Horvatupdate to support Networksetup update ;-)
2008-08-18 Mladen Horvat-support new zydas driver
2008-07-11 Mladen Horvat-add translations
2008-06-13 Mladen Horvatsome fixes and cleanups
2008-06-09 Mladen HorvatFix wpa_supplicant.conf with unencrypted networks..
2008-05-29 Mladen Horvat- add support for new NetworkConfig
2007-12-06 Stephan Reichholffix wpa/wpa2 config for supplicant
2007-07-23 Andreas Monznerimport cleanup
2007-07-01 Stephan Reichholf* Improve About
2007-05-03 Stephan Reichholf* Cleanups
2007-05-03 Stephan Reichholf* Add Status Screen
2007-03-27 Stephan Reichholf* move pythonwifi into wirelesslan plugin
2007-03-22 Stephan Reichholf* show number of found Networks in Scan Window
2007-03-21 Stephan Reichholf* start wpa_supplicant via /etc/network/interfaces
2007-03-20 Stephan Reichholf* follow changes in etc to use extended...
2007-03-19 Stephan Reichholfanother fix
2007-03-17 Stephan Reichholf* fix missing Makefile in
2007-03-17 Stephan Reichholf* fix rescan
2007-03-17 Stephan Reichholf* add possibility to rescanf or wireless networks ...
2007-03-17 Stephan Reichholf* some usability improvements (buttons, etc)
2007-02-06 Stephan Reichholf* Add License
2007-02-06 Stephan ReichholfInitial Release von enigma2 Wireless Configuration...