Make Favoritesfeeds and Playlists work again
[enigma2-plugins.git] / youtubeplayer / src /
2010-06-05 Volker ChristianMake Favoritesfeeds and Playlists work again
2010-06-04 Volker ChristianAdded DirectYouTubePlayer
2010-05-23 Volker ChristianMake getVideoUrl(...) work again
2009-03-23 Volker ChristianFormat and time parameter prepared
2009-03-22 Volker ChristianAdded some search features
2008-11-04 Volker ChristianCleanup
2008-10-29 Volker ChristianFixed a too long VLC-Request string
2008-10-27 Volker ChristianYouTube has changed its "inofficial api" to extract...
2008-09-26 Volker ChristianFixed a potential crash when a playlist-entry was remov...
2008-09-25 Volker ChristianYouTube-Player plugin added