2008-12-21 Moritz Venn- save configuration when leaving overview/importer,
2008-12-20 Michael Schmidtcatch missing ConfigPassword
2008-12-20 Michael Schmidt*** empty log message ***
2008-12-20 Michael Schmidtseparated the reverse lookup into own file
2008-12-19 Frank Nehls- some corrections in 1080p mode detection
2008-12-19 Frank Nehls- make only differences between SD/HD and progressive...
2008-12-15 Nabil HannaFIX crash when using Single-Bouquet (global name 'self...
2008-12-13 Moritz Vennfix typo
2008-12-13 Michael Schmidtfixed FR
2008-12-12 Nabil HannaFIX translations. Thanks to Spaeleus for the report.
2008-12-12 Nabil HannaAdded nl translation. Thanks to Benny De Tandt
2008-12-10 Moritz Vennrevert picture background to old behavior
2008-12-10 Moritz Vennadd tr locale to autotimer (thanks mytholog)
2008-12-10 Mladen Horvatfix typos
2008-12-10 Moritz Vennmake some more strings translatable
2008-12-10 Mladen Horvatadd tr.po, thx MytHoLoG
2008-12-10 Moritz Vennupdate autotimer/epgrefresh it translation (thx spaeleu...
2008-12-10 Mladen Horvatnl.po update, thxx Benny
2008-12-09 Nabil HannaNeeds enigma date >=27.10.08 (needs the Console class)
2008-12-08 Moritz Vennmake use of eventinfo hook
2008-12-08 Mladen HorvatFix Buttonbackground in Webif: Main Setup
2008-12-07 Nabil Hannait update. Thanks to Spaeleus
2008-12-06 Moritz Vennadd turkish locale to simplerss and epgrefresh (thanks...
2008-12-06 Nabil Hannatr update. thanks to MytHoLoG
2008-12-06 Nabil Hannapot and de update
2008-12-06 Nabil HannaAdded new functions in List-Browser: clear list, delete...
2008-12-06 Moritz Vennbump required e2 version since we require epicload
2008-12-05 Nabil Hannatr update. Thanks to MytHoLoG
2008-12-05 Moritz Venn - port to epicload,
2008-12-04 Moritz Venninstall missing ftpdownloader.py and fix dependencies
2008-12-04 Moritz Vennfix build
2008-12-04 Moritz Vennallow custom localization in simplerss and add italian...
2008-12-04 Moritz Vennallow custom localization in epgrefresh and add italian...
2008-12-04 Moritz Vennupdate italian translation and sync pot with source...
2008-12-03 Moritz Vennfix typo
2008-12-03 Moritz Venntiny speedups and cleanup
2008-12-03 Moritz Venn- clean up try/except a bit
2008-12-03 Moritz Venn - follow recent git changes,
2008-12-03 Nabil Hanna-Delete Console.ePopen callback before closing plugin
2008-12-03 Nabil HannaChanges to use now grab v0.8. Thanks to seddi for the...
2008-12-03 Nabil HannaCheck zap-history position after changing the zap-history
2008-12-01 Moritz Vennallow ftp sources, remove stray whitespaces and use...
2008-12-01 Anders HolstTemporary fix to broken eConsoleAppContainer interface
2008-12-01 Moritz Vennremove unused import
2008-11-30 Michael Schmidtfixes for NL, FR, IT, CH, USA
2008-11-29 Moritz Vennfix build
2008-11-28 Nabil HannaFIX: missing init of PermanentClock class when opening...
2008-11-28 Rico Schulteusing session.instantiateDialog to show the antiscrollb...
2008-11-28 Nabil HannaAdded italian translation files. Thanks to Spaeleus.
2008-11-27 Michael Schmidtturkish messages
2008-11-27 Nabil HannaAdded turkish translation files. Thanks to MytHoLoG.
2008-11-26 Volker ChristianAdded tr-locale
2008-11-26 Nabil Hanna-Added PermanentClock plugin
2008-11-26 Nabil HannaAdded PermanentClock plugin
2008-11-26 Nabil HannaMade RSDownloader translateable and added german transl...
2008-11-26 Nabil HannaMade ZapHistoryBrowser translateable and added german...
2008-11-26 Nabil HannaMade Mosaic translateable and added german translation
2008-11-26 Nabil HannaMade PasswordChanger translateable and added german...
2008-11-21 Michael Schmidtadd local prefixes, when displaying and resolving outgo...
2008-11-21 Andreas Frischremove unnecessary import
2008-11-21 Andreas Frischuse new async picture ePicLoad facilities and save...
2008-11-21 Andreas Frischuse new async picture ePicLoad facilities and save...
2008-11-17 Anders HolstAdded maintainer.info
2008-11-17 Frank Nehls- added option to set the deinterlacer mode (newest...
2008-11-17 Mladen HorvatUpdated dutch translations for Networkwizard and Wirele...
2008-11-17 Mladen HorvatNetworkWizard and WirelessLan italian locale updates...
2008-11-16 Anders HolstAdapt to new eConsoleAppContainer interface,
2008-11-16 Anders HolstAdapt to new eConsoleAppContainer interface
2008-11-16 Michael Schmidtremove german CbC prefixes in display outgoing calls
2008-11-16 Nabil HannaCorrected wrong description since the bouquet is selectable
2008-11-16 Rico Schulteadding new files
2008-11-16 Rico Schultededicated to seddi
2008-11-16 Rico Schulteremove outdated kwargs, ading default image f 404 rece...
2008-11-16 Rico Schulteoverlay 404 pic
2008-11-16 Rico Schulteprovide license
2008-11-15 Rico Schulteforce all results of skin calculations to integers
2008-11-15 Mladen Horvatadd Fy_fy (frisisch) Locale, thx Gerrit
2008-11-14 Nabil HannaNot needed import.
2008-11-14 Nabil HannaShow scrollbar in search-list.
2008-11-14 Nabil HannaAdded possibility to search for rapidshare.com files.
2008-11-14 Frank Nehlsadded maintainer.info
2008-11-14 Frank NehlsRemove some debug output
2008-11-14 Moritz Venngrml... fix yet another syntax error
2008-11-14 Michael Schmidtdutch messages
2008-11-14 Volker ChristianInitial check in of the dutch translations
2008-11-13 Moritz Vennallow &, % and ; for all local ConfigText elements
2008-11-13 Mladen HorvatTranslation Updates, thx Ola and Benny
2008-11-12 Moritz Vennallow typing ;, & and % in match
2008-11-12 Rico Schulteresize screen to 90% of Desktopsize and center it on...
2008-11-12 Rico Schultereloading current network ifaces on iface config screen...
2008-11-12 Rico Schulteusing iNetwork instead of Network, because we cant...
2008-11-11 Mladen Horvatadd french language, thx Remi Jarrige
2008-11-10 Nabil HannaChanged e-mail addy
2008-11-10 Nabil HannaAdded RS-Downloader plugin
2008-11-10 Moritz Vennadd maintainer.info to simplerss, some optimizations...
2008-11-10 Moritz Vennadd maintainer.info to autotimer, epgrefresh, werbezapper
2008-11-10 Nabil HannaAdded maintainer.info files to the plugins Mosaic,...
2008-11-09 Moritz Vennfix syntax error
2008-11-08 Mladen Horvatadd lost line
2008-11-07 Mladen HorvatTranslation update