2010-12-04 Dario CrociAdd italian locale
2010-12-03 Michael SchmidtFIX: add servicelist parm to main for MultiQuickButton...
2010-12-02 Dr.Bestadded missing po-Makefile for easymedia
2010-12-02 Vali Jordanfix typo
2010-12-02 Vali Jordanonly german locale yet
2010-12-02 Vali Jordangerman translation rechecked..... Thanx Ghost
2010-12-02 Vali Jordanremove locale directory from cvs
2010-12-02 Andreas Monznerbuildfix (have to be rechecked)
2010-12-02 Vali Jordanadd locale for german
2010-11-30 Dr.Bestadd support for external modules for webscreens
2010-11-29 Michael SchmidtFIX: show FBF names again, when no other info is avail...
2010-11-27 Moritz Vennvlcplayer: fix streaming with recent vlc versions
2010-11-15 Vali Jordanadd settings screen to EasyMedia
2010-11-15 Vali Jordanremove Suomipoeka main screen
2010-11-12 Vali Jordanadd EasyBookmarks ;-)
2010-11-11 Vali Jordannow is possible to browse also SAT1 teletext 3.0.2
2010-11-10 Vali Jordanfix typo
2010-11-10 Vali Jordanlittle bugfix
2010-11-10 Vali Jordannew pretty way to call showMovies
2010-11-09 Vali JordanORFteletext first check in
2010-11-09 Vali JordanORFteletext first check into CVS
2010-11-08 Dr.Bestfix for missing attribute 'CurrentIP'
2010-11-08 Vali Jordanadd iDream to easyMedia
2010-11-07 Stephan ReichholfAllow filtering by multiple tags
2010-11-06 Vali Jordanput EasyMedia in the extensions list
2010-11-06 Vali Jordanredesign screen, add VLC player and ZDFmediatheck
2010-11-04 Vali Jordanadd SOUTcast, MyTube and DVDPlayer
2010-11-04 Dario Crociupdate for italian translation
2010-11-02 Dr.Bestsmall fix in makefile
2010-11-02 Vali Jordanadd EasyMedia to CVS
2010-11-02 Vali JordanEasyMedia first check in
2010-11-02 Stephan Reichholfminor compatibility fixes for .m3u playlists (should...
2010-11-01 Dario Crociadd Italian locale - update NCID.pot
2010-10-31 Frank Lagefix nfs mount problems with latest kernel on some nas...
2010-10-29 Stephan Reichholfadd /web/mediaplayeradd?file=
2010-10-29 Vali Jordanfix hd-font, add new epglist and channellist style
2010-10-28 Andreas OberritterThe Python API requires Python.h to be included before...
2010-10-24 Georg LukasMultiRC: support new illuminated RC
2010-10-24 Dr.Bestadded options for 4 and 6 weeks for automatic timerlist...
2010-10-24 Vali Jordanmake more place vor vhdRendVideoSize
2010-10-24 Dr.Bestfix for dm7025
2010-10-24 Vali Jordanadd BluesOfDream style
2010-10-24 Stephan Reichholfremove missing languages from Makefile
2010-10-23 Dr.Bestchanged data type of m_size to 'unsigned long long'
2010-10-23 Frank Nehlsfix missing '\'
2010-10-23 Stephan Reichholfsome minor webtv fixes
2010-10-23 Dr.Bestinitial checkin of bitrateviewer --> needs enigma2...
2010-10-22 Stephan Reichholfupdate german translation
2010-10-22 Stephan ReichholfInitial commit of new plugin "NCID Client", which is...
2010-10-20 Vali JordanUse IMDb also for event info
2010-10-20 Vali Jordanapp AutoTimer start manegment if AutoTimer-Plugin is...
2010-10-19 Dario Crociupdate for italian translation
2010-10-19 Dario Crociupdate for italian translation
2010-10-19 Dario Crociadded italian translation
2010-10-16 Moritz Vennimdb: various fixes
2010-10-16 Moritz Vennimdb: update de.po
2010-10-15 Moritz Vennimdb: various fixes
2010-10-15 Michael SchmidtFIX: crash together with Elektro Plugin.
2010-10-14 Andreas OberritterDon't install decrypt.pyc. Pyc files are not used in...
2010-10-12 Moritz Vennimdb: fix for titles without rating on new english...
2010-10-12 Vali Jordancheck if servicelist is present by plugin start
2010-10-10 Vali Jordanfix start with blue button if MoviePlayer is working
2010-10-09 Michael Schmidtchanges for new pylint
2010-10-08 Moritz Vennadd handling of new international imdb site, thus allow...
2010-10-07 Andreas Frischadd graphical visualization/control plugin for european...
2010-10-05 Andreas Frischadd new graphical visualization / control plugin for...
2010-10-04 Torsten Link1.0d: Fix Bug when watching TV over the bound- dates...
2010-10-02 Vali Jordanset new release number
2010-10-02 Vali Jordanupdate SmartInfo-Converter
2010-09-26 Torsten Link1.0c: Fix crash when current daytime = 0
2010-09-25 Dr.Bestfixed type mismatch (iDream is now starting from main...
2010-09-22 Mladen Horvatadd missing meta.xml for movieselectionquickbutton
2010-09-21 Mladen HorvatPlugins-Meta: rework plugin meta files and prepare...
2010-09-20 Dario Crociupdate for italian translation
2010-09-19 Torsten LinkVersion 1.0b: Fix bug with plugin- start after poweroff...
2010-09-19 Torsten LinkVersion 1.0a: Fix bug with plugin- start when entering...
2010-09-17 Torsten LinkFix bug in saveValues, when kiddytimer had not been...
2010-09-17 Torsten LinkUpdate german translation
2010-09-17 Torsten LinkVersion 1.0: Complete code- cleanup. New Feature "cheat...
2010-09-11 Dario Crocimake xgettext happy ;-)
2010-09-11 Dario Crocimake xgettext happy ;-)
2010-09-06 Dario Crociupdate for italian locale
2010-09-06 Torsten LinkUpdate german translation
2010-08-28 Moritz Vennfix google reader sync
2010-08-26 Moritz Vennsome fixes for uwz.at
2010-08-23 Torsten LinkIntroduce new setup- option "Don't monitor TV started...
2010-08-23 Anders HolstFix .ap that made movies unplayable.
2010-08-20 Moritz Vennimprove AKA regex again
2010-08-19 Mladen HorvatMyTube: take care of new gdata parameter.
2010-08-19 Vali Jordanfix release-info typo
2010-08-19 Vali JordanOLED style selection implemented
2010-08-18 Stephan Reichholffix typo
2010-08-18 Stephan ReichholfAdd dreamDroid to Tools
2010-08-18 Vali Jordan2 new styles implemented and nextEvent in PiG-ChannelSe...
2010-08-17 Moritz Vennfix regexes:
2010-08-13 Vali Jordanadd update/download screen
2010-08-13 Vali Jordanadd PiG-setting, add MaxTemp to Movieplayer-screen...
2010-08-12 Dr.Bestfix for Attribute Error in Setup
2010-08-12 Vali Jordanfix typo
2010-08-12 Vali Jordantranslate weekdays and months in DE,ES and IT