2012-04-21 Ismail Demir[satloader]add restart function
2012-04-19 ismailremove control~
2012-04-19 ismailadd new plugin satloader
2012-04-19 ismailadd new plugin satloader
2012-04-19 reichi[WebAdmin] Fix for last commit
2012-04-19 reichi[WebAdmin] Follow recent WebIf changes
2012-04-19 reichi[WebIf] Add some Layout Improvements and small cleanups
2012-04-17 reichi[WebIf] - remove accidently added/copied files
2012-04-17 Andreas FrischGenuineDreambox: remove extensions menu hook and use...
2012-04-16 reichi[WebIf] fix last commit...
2012-04-16 reichi[WebIf] complete last commit
2012-04-16 reichi[WebIf] another small layout fix for bouquetlist
2012-04-16 reichi[WebIf] Improve left-side navigation layout, some minor...
2012-04-16 reichi[WebIf] Fix some layout glitches which caused ugly...
2012-04-13 reichi[WebIf] Upgrade /m/ to jquerymobile 1.1.0 and jquery...
2012-04-13 reichi[WebIf] add missing files for timer-handling in /m/
2012-04-13 reichi[WebIf] Fix IE javascript parser madness
2012-04-12 reichi[WebIf] fix double loading of screenshots when using...
2012-04-11 reichi[WebIf] /m/ - add basic option to have set record and...
2012-04-10 reichi[WebIf]: Fix some bugs in timer handling
2012-04-10 reichi[WebIf] use redirection instead of request magic when...
2012-04-10 reichi[WebIf] add WebControl Mobile ( dreambox.ip/m/ ) to...
2012-04-10 reichi[WebIf] Add prototype of a jquerymobile based WebContro...
2012-04-09 Dr.Bestjesus christ...i deleted the last enigma2 pvr channel...
2012-04-09 Dr.Bestfit widget-size
2012-04-07 rootMerge branch 'master' of ssh://silelis@scm.schwerkraft...
2012-04-07 root modified: subsdownloader2/src/plugin.py
2012-04-06 Dr.Bestuneeded file removed
2012-04-06 Emanuel StrobelAdd new plugin webadmin
2012-04-06 rootMerge branch 'master' of ssh://silelis@scm.schwerkraft...
2012-04-06 root modified: subsdownloader2/CONTROL/control
2012-04-04 Dr.Bestmake setup-layout nicer (thanks to zombi)
2012-04-04 DarioVPS: update for italian translation.
2012-04-03 Martin Gaukvps: changed license
2012-04-02 root modified: subsdownloader2/CONTROL/control
2012-04-01 Moritz VennExternal.py: fix typo
2012-04-01 Moritz VennMP.py: allow to load playlists from other directories
2012-03-29 reichi[WebIf] Fix typo
2012-03-29 reichi[WebIf] Don't use libs.packed.js anymore as it causes...
2012-03-29 Mladen Horvatporncenter: add dm800se and dm7020hd to hw prereqs.
2012-03-29 Martin Gaukvps 1.1: ask if vps should be enabled on instant record...
2012-03-27 reichi[WebIf] Highlight currently active Nagiation Mode ...
2012-03-26 reichi[WebIf] Add Deinterlace option to WebTv
2012-03-26 reichi[WebIf] Add possibility to set the href-target for...
2012-03-26 reichi[Webif] Fix broken handling of timer location in timer...
2012-03-24 DarioPushService: add italian translation.
2012-03-23 DarioFRITZ!Call: update for italian translation.
2012-03-23 Michael SchmidtFIX: crash with dialing
2012-03-22 Mladen Horvatfix enigma2-plugins build.
2012-03-22 Mladen Horvatupdate .gitignore
2012-03-22 betonmePushService: Avoid calling deactivated services
2012-03-22 betonmePushService: Fixed load error
2012-03-21 betonmePushService: Added Schwerkraft Git stuff
2012-03-21 betonmePushService: Crash in RecordNotification fixed
2012-03-21 betonmePushService: Services are now also modular
2012-03-21 betonmePushService: SMTP SSL handling revised
2012-03-21 betonmePushService: Fixed mailto usage
2012-03-21 betonmePushService: IPK release
2012-03-21 betonmePushService: Initial release
2012-03-21 reichi[WebIf] fix "Nothing running" bug after zapping by...
2012-03-19 reichi[WebIf] fix missleading messages on powerstate-changes
2012-03-18 betonmeAutoTimer WebIf: Fixed displaying entries with lastBegi...
2012-03-15 betonmeAutoTimer WebIf: Preview entries will be sorted accordi...
2012-03-14 DarioVPS: update for italian translation.
2012-03-14 DarioInfoBarTunerState: update for italian translation.
2012-03-14 DarioAutoTimer: update for italian translation.
2012-03-14 Mladen HorvatSubsDownloader2: fix meta stuff and controlfile so...
2012-03-13 Mladen Horvatenigma2-plugins: add birthdayreminder and fix depends
2012-03-13 Mladen Horvatadd *.bak to .gitignore
2012-03-12 Martin Gaukvps: update czech translation
2012-03-12 reichi[bonjour] fix depends
2012-03-11 Martin GaukVPS 1.0
2012-03-11 betonmeIBTS: Fixed MoviePlayer integration
2012-03-09 betonmeIBTS: Fixed autostart
2012-03-08 Moritz VennAutoTimer.py: follow tag rules closer when adding ...
2012-03-08 Moritz Vennautotimer: allow to add 'AutoTimer' and name to tags
2012-03-08 Moritz Vennautotimer: smaller cleanup
2012-03-06 Andreas Oberritterlogomanager: don't install files to /media/hdd, because...
2012-03-05 betonmeIBTS: Added possibility to open IBTS via extension...
2012-03-01 reichi[webif] HTTPS: set proper ASN1 Timestamp to keep androi...
2012-03-01 reichi[Bonjour] fix handling of txt-records (there can be...
2012-03-01 Moritz Vennvps: don't crash on start if webif is not installed
2012-02-29 DarioMovieTagger: added italian translation.
2012-02-29 DarioMovieCut: added italian translation.
2012-02-29 DarioEuroticTV: update for italian translation.
2012-02-29 DarioAutotimer: update for italian translation.
2012-02-29 reichi[bonjour] simplify some code, add helper method to...
2012-02-28 Andreas Oberritterfixup! MovieCut: Added language support
2012-02-27 AndersHolstMovieCut: Added language support
2012-02-27 reichi* fix color alternation bugs with filters and/or markers
2012-02-27 Moritz Vennautotimer/po: cleanup
2012-02-27 Moritz VennAutoTimerResource.py: add encoding to please xgettext
2012-02-27 Moritz Vennautotimer: the %% was intentional…
2012-02-27 betonmeAutoTimer: German language update by latte
2012-02-26 Andreas Oberritterc++ plug-ins: use global libtool flags
2012-02-26 reichi[webif] quickfix for overflow issue when there are...
2012-02-26 Jörg Trahm[FanControl2] add to WebIF-Extras
2012-02-26 Moritz VennVlcServer.py: show directories again with vlc 2.0
2012-02-26 Moritz Venntoolkit: add python-html and python-re to dependencies
2012-02-26 Moritz Vennsimplerss: add missing dependency on my toolkit