2011-02-20 Moritz Vennautotimer: basic autotimer management through webif
2011-02-20 Moritz Vennautotimer: add autotimer id to xml if requested from...
2011-02-20 vali[EasyInfo] change startroutine (thanx Dr.Best), bugfix...
2011-02-19 vali[EasyInfo] Add new Screen: EasySelection
2011-02-18 Jörg Trahm[FanControl2] too much deleted metainfo inserted again
2011-02-18 vali[EasyInfo] Put keymap.xml to Makefile.am
2011-02-18 vali[EasyInfo] New EasyInfo plugin pushed to the GIT
2011-02-17 vali[EasyMedia] user-path for plugin icons
2011-02-16 Homey[TVCharts] Fix possible bluescreen introduced with...
2011-02-15 ghostfix typos (openPVR -> openDVR)
2011-02-15 ghostfollow enigma2 bug #672
2011-02-13 Homey[TVCharts] Use channelname from lamedb and not user...
2011-02-13 Moritz VennTimer.py/recordnow: fix bug introduced in last commit
2011-02-13 Moritz Vennautotimer,epgrefresh: bump max matches to 500
2011-02-13 Acid Burnupdate some plugin meta descriptions.
2011-02-12 Dario CrociEPGRefresh: update for italian translation - update...
2011-02-12 Homey[TVCharts] Updated Meta-File
2011-02-12 HomeyUpdated LICENSE File
2011-02-12 Homey[TV-Charts] Plugin updated to v1.3
2011-02-12 Moritz VennEPGRefreshConfiguration.py: show last refresh date...
2011-02-11 Marco Kawon- Improved Error-Handling when internet connection...
2011-02-10 Andreas Oberrittertvcharts: update to 1.1 (on behalf of Homey)
2011-02-07 Moritz VennAutoPoller.py: fix missing import
2011-02-05 Moritz VennAutoTimerOverview.py: fix crash when trying to open...
2011-02-05 Dario CrociNcidClient: update for italian translation
2011-02-05 sreichholfMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://sreichholf...
2011-02-05 sreichholfenable Phonebook.txt as known from Fritz!Call plugin...
2011-02-04 nixkoennerdon't add ilegal stuff
2011-02-04 3c5x9Merge branch 'master' of git+ssh://scm.schwerkraft...
2011-02-04 3c5x9adding the Gemini3 Wizard
2011-02-04 ubunutuadding the Gemini3 Wizard
2011-02-04 Andreas Oberrittergenuinedreambox doesn't use tpmd directly, so it should...
2011-02-02 vali[Ai.HD] add vertical layout for ChannelSelection, EPGSe...
2011-02-01 Dario CrociUpdate for italian translation
2011-01-31 Moritz Venngrowlee: update (short)description
2011-01-31 Moritz Venngrowlee: fix server side of syslog backend
2011-01-31 nixkoennerfix typo
2011-01-31 nixkoennerbuild dreammediathek on gnu stuff
2011-01-31 nixkoennerDreamMediathek Play Web and ipTV streams, example xml
2011-01-31 Moritz Vennautotimer: (untested) support for notification on conflicts
2011-01-31 Moritz Venngrowlee: add syslog backend
2011-01-31 Moritz Venngrowlee: change name of converted connection
2011-01-31 Moritz Venngrowlee: add code to add/remove connections
2011-01-31 Moritz Venngrowlee: more work on multiconnect
2011-01-31 Moritz Venngrowlee/src/plugin.py: first steps of multiconnect
2011-01-31 vali[MerlinEPG] add event-search function
2011-01-30 Moritz VennAutoTimerComponent: fix accessing bouquets in fast...
2011-01-30 Moritz Vennepgrefresh: update nl translation, thanks ni hao
2011-01-29 vali[Ai.HD] MyTube Infobar fix
2011-01-29 vali[Ai.HD] Add dynamic Picons ServiceSelection-screens
2011-01-29 sreichholfUse built-in python functions for authenticating agains...
2011-01-28 Andreas OberritterRemove "networkwizard" plugin, which lives in enigma2.git
2011-01-28 Andreas Oberritterremove "wirelesslan" plugin, which lives in enigma2.git
2011-01-28 vali[Ai.HD] New Screens for VideoDB, EMC and MyTube
2011-01-28 Andreas Oberritterrename directories to match plugin names (aihdcontrol...
2011-01-28 Andreas Oberritterzaphistorybrowser: remove empty line from control file
2011-01-27 Andreas Oberritterrename ac3lipsync to audiosync
2011-01-27 Andreas OberritterRemove unused fields from control files.
2011-01-27 Andreas Oberritterfix versioned depends lines
2011-01-27 Andreas Oberritterdepend on python-twisted-* instead of twisted-*
2011-01-27 Andreas Oberrittercontrol files should have unix line endings
2011-01-27 Jörg Trahm[FanControl2] Fix: by typo crash possible ; some small...
2011-01-27 vali[Vali-XD Control] Screens for EMC implemented
2011-01-26 Moritz Vennstyle.css: fix typo
2011-01-22 Acid BurnFix some wrong locale path definitions and disable...
2011-01-22 Moritz VennAutoTimer.py: add "not rtimer.disabled" to avoidduplica...
2011-01-22 Dario CrociItalian translation update
2011-01-22 mortyExcidental Push. Sorry!
2011-01-22 mortymerging refs/remotes/origin/master into HEAD
2011-01-22 mortyUpdated to 3.4.0. Don's sleep wehile HDD is active
2011-01-20 Moritz Vennoops, forgot to overwrite the method last commit :-)
2011-01-20 Moritz Vennautotimer/epgrefresh: fix broken help in setup
2011-01-19 mortymerging refs/remotes/origin/master into HEAD
2011-01-19 Moritz Vennmake equal name/title another requirement for avoidDupl...
2011-01-18 Moritz VennTimer.py: indicate error if instant record was not...
2011-01-18 Moritz Vennrecordnow.xml: make xml an e2simplexmlresult, as expect...
2011-01-18 sreichholfMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://sreichholf...
2011-01-18 sreichholfadd homeys TVCharts plugin
2011-01-17 Moritz Vennautotimer/po/de.po: add new strings, fix a typo
2011-01-17 Moritz VennAutoTimer: add "Fast Scan" support
2011-01-17 Jörg Trahm[FanControl2] change meta info
2011-01-16 vali[EasyMedia] add timerlist to choices
2011-01-16 mortymerging refs/remotes/origin/master into HEAD
2011-01-16 Jörg Trahm[FanControl2] Fix: only English language in the Monitor
2011-01-15 Michael SchmidtFIX: notification message
2011-01-15 sreichholfMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://sreichholf...
2011-01-15 sreichholfFix crash when config has been changed.
2011-01-15 vali[MerlinEPG] bugfix: EPGseartch missing
2011-01-14 Jörg TrahmFanControl2 Directory renamed for proper IPK name
2011-01-13 Jörg Trahmmoved FanControl2 WebIF data files
2011-01-13 sreichholfFix linebreaks
2011-01-13 Jörg Trahmfinal initial checkin of FanContol2
2011-01-13 Jörg Trahminitial checkin of FanContol2
2011-01-13 sreichholfMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://sreichholf...
2011-01-13 sreichholffix webif on 7025
2011-01-13 vali[MerlinEPG] new crossover EPG list added to TV-button.
2011-01-11 sreichholfMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://sreichholf...
2011-01-11 sreichholffix first start on fresh installations
2011-01-11 Fraxinas[EIBox] add icons for motorized home cinema screens
2011-01-11 valiEasyMedia: customize german translation and add videodb.png