2008-06-18 Andreas Monzneruse service_types_tv from ChannelSelection.py
2008-06-18 Andreas Monzneradd spanish translation
2008-06-17 Moritz Venn- don't update rss feeds while preview is on screen,
2008-06-17 Moritz Vennforgot to delete leftovers ;)
2008-06-17 Moritz Venn - fix typo in plugin.py,
2008-06-15 Volker Christian'Reintroduced the cancel() function in VlcServerConfig...
2008-06-15 Volker ChristianReintroduced the cancel() function in VlcServerConfig...
2008-06-15 Michael Schmidt- New:
2008-06-15 Andreas Monznershow HD services in webif
2008-06-15 Volker ChristianThe function changeDirectory has been added, to also...
2008-06-15 Volker Christian- Pressing Play (">") didn't restart movie anymore
2008-06-15 Volker ChristianWrong encoding of attributes fixed
2008-06-14 Rico Schulteadd missing module python-pyopenssl to depends
2008-06-14 Volker Christian*** empty log message ***
2008-06-13 Volker ChristianCleanup
2008-06-13 Volker ChristianEOF is reliable propagated to the python-side
2008-06-13 Volker ChristianThe way the address of a vlc-server is specified has...
2008-06-13 Mladen Horvatsome fixes and cleanups
2008-06-13 Rico Schultefixing Typo
2008-06-13 Volker Christian*** empty log message ***
2008-06-12 Volker ChristianFix of a, mostly happend buffer-stall after an detected...
2008-06-11 Volker Christian- Current service is now stopped directly befor the...
2008-06-11 Volker Christian- Two new GUI-Labes introduced - server_name and curren...
2008-06-11 Volker Christian- Stopping of current Service delayed until VlcPlayer...
2008-06-11 Alex Lätschtranslations for VLC Plugin
2008-06-11 Alex Lätschtranslation support
2008-06-11 Alex LätschNew: translations for VLC Plugin
2008-06-11 Volker ChristianFixed last error handling problem
2008-06-11 Volker ChristianRemoved dependency on a reference to a server-instance
2008-06-10 Volker Christian- Screenrepresentation changed - now a "Tab-Widget...
2008-06-10 Volker ChristianMuch improved error handling
2008-06-10 Stephan Reichholfimport CannotListenError
2008-06-10 Stephan Reichholf* add missing button graphics
2008-06-10 Volker ChristianDetecting of playlist- and ios-files is now not case...
2008-06-09 Volker Christian- VLC-option :sout-keep
2008-06-09 Volker ChristianIP removed from ConfigIP
2008-06-09 Volker ChristianImproved Playlist-sorting
2008-06-09 Volker Christian- Enhanced Playlist-Cleanup at movie-end
2008-06-09 Volker ChristianLoading a playlist via the filelist immediately switche...
2008-06-09 Mladen HorvatFix wpa_supplicant.conf with unencrypted networks..
2008-06-09 Stephan Reichholffix GSOD - UNTESTED please report!
2008-06-08 Alex Lätschicons added
2008-06-08 Alex Lätschredesign with playlist support. thanks to voc
2008-06-08 Alex Lätschfix if initial audio track is ac-3
2008-06-06 Mladen HorvatFix crash when no WirelessLan Plugin installed
2008-06-06 Moritz Vennfix location attribute name when saving xml
2008-06-05 Mladen Horvat- fix startup
2008-06-03 Moritz Venn - bump autotimer & epgrefresh versions,
2008-06-02 Moritz Vennmake AutoTimerOverview helpable
2008-06-02 Moritz Venndon't apply enigma2 margin for recordings if a custom...
2008-06-01 Moritz Venn - renamed destination attribute to location so we...
2008-06-01 Alex LätschNew option: no transcode for mpg/dvd streams
2008-06-01 Alex Lätschscanning for AC-3 audio tracks fixed
2008-05-31 Moritz Vennopen editor after importing with addAutotimerFrom*
2008-05-31 Rico Schulteadd possibility to force E2 to reload the lamedb, the...
2008-05-31 Rico Schultenow on dm800 it shows 'dm800' in User/Pass Dialog in...
2008-05-30 Rico Schulterewrite of configuration of the interfaces the webif...
2008-05-30 Moritz Vennuse Importer for addAutotimerFrom*
2008-05-30 Moritz Vennadd "preview" type update_notification to notifications...
2008-05-30 Rico Schulteadding icon/logo to pluginlist, using the german word...
2008-05-30 Rico Schulteadding icon/logo to pluginlist
2008-05-29 Moritz Venn- work around some multibouquet problems (zaps correctl...
2008-05-29 Moritz Venn - add autotimer to where_movielist to create a new...
2008-05-29 Mladen HorvatAdd NetworkWizard
2008-05-29 Mladen HorvatAdd NetworkWizard to configure LAN/WLAN on Enigma2...
2008-05-29 Mladen Horvat- add support for new NetworkConfig
2008-05-29 Moritz Venn - properly escape unsafe strings before writing to...
2008-05-28 Alex LätschDVD option for VIDEO_TS folders
2008-05-28 Alex Lätschupdated version to 1.6, added .iso files to filter
2008-05-28 Alex Lätschupdated version to 1.6
2008-05-28 Alex Lätschsupport for audio track selection and DVD playback
2008-05-28 Alex LätschAccess method "telnet" no longer supported. configs...
2008-05-28 Alex LätschWorkaround for bug with VLC on Windows: subtitles file...
2008-05-28 Alex LätschAdded scanner for stream information (audio). Support...
2008-05-28 Rico Schultefix Depends (twisted-web)
2008-05-12 Andreas Frischcrop event name suffix in (brackets) for premiere
2008-05-11 Rico Schultefix import, os.path was changed to os_path in import...
2008-05-07 Moritz Vennfix crash which occurred when canceling overview more...
2008-05-07 Andreas Monznerfix build when e2 header files are not available
2008-05-06 Andreas Monzneradd needed compiler flags to generate enigma2 compatibl...
2008-05-06 Andreas Monzneradd servicets.so sources
2008-05-02 Andreas Frischadd new plugin to query movie details from ofdb.de
2008-05-02 Andreas Frischadd new plugin to query movie details from ofdb.de
2008-05-01 Alex Lätschinclude .so modules in ipk
2008-05-01 Alex Lätschsupport for servicets.so
2008-04-16 Felix Domkerequire enigma2 >= 2.5, due to skin cleanup
2008-04-14 Felix Domkefix wrong buttons
2008-04-14 Andreas Monznerdont import no more needed InfoBar classes
2008-04-13 Felix Domkepng cleanup by nemesis, plugin changes
2008-03-19 Moritz Venn- be a little more sensitive with exceptions
2008-03-19 Moritz Venn- fix saving,
2008-03-05 Andreas Frischincorporate new png artwork by nemesis
2008-03-04 Moritz Venn- add support for custom skip time,
2008-03-02 Moritz Venn- comment out unnecessary repositioning of poster pixmap,
2008-02-29 Moritz Venn- allow only one update notification to be queued,
2008-02-24 Moritz Vennadd missing import
2008-02-22 Stephan Reichholfavoid possible final newline
2008-02-21 Moritz Venn- use confignumber instead of configinteger in autotime...
2008-02-20 Moritz Vennsmaller fixes, bump required e2 version, add sample...
2008-02-20 Moritz Vennallow to import location