2009-10-26 Stephan ReichholfSimplify Webinterface Configuration Dialog a LOT!
2009-10-26 Moritz Vennallow to remove files from mp playlist
2009-10-26 Moritz Vennallow to remove files from mp playlist, also fixes...
2009-10-26 Andreas MonznerDTS is always passthru
2009-10-26 Andreas Monznerfix more broken files
2009-10-26 Andreas Monznerremove strange characters on line begin
2009-10-26 Dario CrociInitial check in of plugin to show italian weather...
2009-10-26 Dario CrociInitial check in of plugin to show italian weather...
2009-10-26 Dario CrociInitial check in of plugin to show italian weather...
2009-10-26 WeeGullAnd updated Makefile.am so sv.po is installed.
2009-10-26 WeeGullAdded swedish translation to emailclient plugin.
2009-10-25 Stephan Reichholffix streaminterface
2009-10-25 Stephan Reichholffix Bouquetlist when adding/editing Timers
2009-10-24 Mladen Horvat- fix no more working nfs mount in some situations,
2009-10-23 Moritz Vennstupid last second changes :-)
2009-10-23 Moritz Vennallow play from playlist
2009-10-22 Moritz Vennthis should fix download of movies with umlauts on...
2009-10-21 Moritz Vennanother approach to fixing setAfterEvent when lists...
2009-10-21 Moritz Vennfix afterevent during timespan
2009-10-20 Torsten Linkuse center,center for Setup- Screen- Position
2009-10-20 Torsten LinkUse <center> for screens (ToDo: Make Plugin- Screen...
2009-10-19 Stephan Reichholffix crazy button assignment... allow OK for "Saving...
2009-10-19 Stephan Reichholfnot-ready-yet
2009-10-19 Stephan ReichholfStart with some refactoring for the js-part:
2009-10-19 Michael SchmidtUPD: italian locale
2009-10-17 Moritz Vennfix navigation in mp and use "Filesystems" to indicate...
2009-10-16 Moritz Vennfix crash with current e2 head
2009-10-16 Dr.Best-new option: do not zap to service when streaming
2009-10-16 Dr.Bestenable h.264 streaming
2009-10-16 Moritz Vennfix some uris
2009-10-16 Moritz Venndon't open mp just to close it again...
2009-10-16 Moritz Vennalso move/rename .ts.sc
2009-10-14 Moritz Venn- "Change name" -> "change name",
2009-10-14 Moritz Venn- use new setup skin as fallback but still allow custom...
2009-10-14 Moritz Venn- support for new Setup skin,
2009-10-14 Moritz Venn- allow custom skin for setup as "StartupToStandbyConfi...
2009-10-14 Moritz Venn- allow custom skin for setup as "GrowleeConfiguration...
2009-10-14 Moritz Vennget rid of custom title source and use builtin Title
2009-10-14 Moritz Venn- get rid of custom title source and use builtin Title,
2009-10-14 Moritz Venn- move buttons to top,
2009-10-14 Moritz Vennfix result in mediaplayerwrite
2009-10-14 Moritz Vennreturn simplexmlresult instead of an empty xml in media...
2009-10-14 Moritz Vennprevent removal of type selection
2009-10-13 Moritz Vennreadd mp related classes
2009-10-13 Moritz Vennsome further fixes
2009-10-13 Moritz Venncleanup
2009-10-13 Moritz Vennfix and optimize mp source
2009-10-11 Frank Nehlssome modifications by HelgeBS:
2009-10-10 Moritz Vennlabel -> statictext,
2009-10-08 Moritz Venncleanup
2009-10-08 Moritz Venncleanup imports
2009-10-08 Moritz Vennfix next/previous in entry view
2009-10-08 Moritz Vennget rid of global session,
2009-10-08 Michael SchmidtFIX: message in broken face file
2009-10-07 Moritz Venncleanup
2009-10-07 Michael SchmidtADD: give error message, when face png could not be...
2009-10-07 Mladen HorvatCDInfo/plugin.py: -replace Buttons and Lables through...
2009-10-07 Moritz Venncleanup
2009-10-07 Mladen HorvatMytubeService.py: -better way returning the Video_ID.
2009-10-07 Mladen Horvat-fix VirtualKeyboard call.
2009-10-07 Mladen Horvat- Italian translation update for WirelessLan and Networ...
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennchange default type to application/octet-stream,
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennfix error page on unknown cmd
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennsmall cleanup
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennfix typo
2009-10-06 Moritz Venndon't mix AE and BE (at least not on the same screen...
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennupdate de.po
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennsync pot,
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennchange two string
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennuse a custom skin again,
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennsmall cleanup
2009-10-06 Moritz Vennmake screen a little larger so we don't need a second...
2009-10-05 Frank Lageset screen center,center
2009-10-05 Moritz Vennfix leaving the wizard
2009-10-05 Moritz Venneverthing should fit one page now
2009-10-05 Moritz Vennmove buttons to top,
2009-10-05 Moritz Vennmove buttons to top
2009-10-05 Rico Schulteadd Content-Length to Response Header
2009-10-05 Moritz Venncenter screens
2009-10-05 Moritz Vennbutton -> statictext,
2009-10-05 Moritz Vennsmall non-critical fix to skin
2009-10-05 Moritz Vennmove buttons to top, center screen, add help for config...
2009-10-05 Moritz Vennbump required e2 version
2009-10-05 Mladen HorvatWebinterface/WebifConfig.py: - replace Buttons and...
2009-10-04 Michael Schmidtbetter error handling, does not crash any more on loss...
2009-10-03 Moritz VennstopListening does not stop listening immediately,
2009-10-03 Moritz Vennwork around some weird utf-8 related crash
2009-10-03 Moritz Vennrun full unit test again
2009-10-03 Moritz Venninitial checkin of growlee, a plugin that sends growl...
2009-10-03 Moritz Vennremove bogus a.diff
2009-10-03 Moritz Vennlabel -> statictext
2009-10-03 Moritz Vennsome grammar fixes
2009-10-03 Moritz Venn- sync AutoTimer.pot,
2009-10-03 Moritz Vennchange some more strings
2009-10-03 Dr.Best-add support for loading pluginlist
2009-10-03 Michael Schmidt*** empty log message ***
2009-10-03 Moritz Vennmove buttons to top,
2009-10-03 Moritz Vennrely solely on our localization
2009-10-03 Moritz Vennadd images indicating up/download in queue manager
2009-10-02 Torsten LinkUpdate serbian language. Thanx to majevica