2008-10-24 Michael Schmidtbug fixes
2008-10-24 Mladen Horvatadd License
2008-10-24 Mladen HorvatUpdate License
2008-10-22 Rico Schulteadding boxmodel in /web/about
2008-10-22 Nabil HannaAdded bouquet-selection to the Mosaic-plugin (most...
2008-10-21 Andreas Frischprevent weird cp1252 symbols from crashing the utf...
2008-10-19 Michael Schmidt*** empty log message ***
2008-10-19 Michael Schmidtmake display of phonebook entries more robust
2008-10-18 Rico Schultestop service playback on start
2008-10-18 Rico Schulteadding HD profile
2008-10-18 Rico Schulte-adding configscreen
2008-10-14 Stephan Reichholfoops...
2008-10-14 Stephan Reichholfadd nl.po - thx to gerrit
2008-10-14 Felix Domkefix sourcefile encodings: latin1 -> iso-8859-1, add...
2008-10-11 Michael Schmidt- bug in html2utf logging
2008-10-11 Michael Schmidt- ConfigPassword is neat
2008-10-10 Rico Schulte*** keyword substitution change ***
2008-10-10 Rico Schultebuilding googlemaps
2008-10-10 Rico Schulteadding a Google Maps Client
2008-10-08 Mladen Horvatfix potential crash on wlan scan close
2008-10-07 Volker ChristianJust source-cleanups
2008-10-05 Michael Schmidt- DE: changed entries in 11880.com
2008-10-04 Michael Schmidt*** empty log message ***
2008-10-04 Moritz Vennfix init of components.filelist
2008-10-03 Rico Schulteadding posibility to save/edit userbouqets via webif
2008-10-02 Andreas Monznerfix timer editing via webif
2008-10-02 Mladen HorvatDont show Nameserver Dialoque when dhcp is selected
2008-10-01 Alex LätschTranslation update by Spaeleus
2008-09-30 Mladen Horvatupdate to support Networksetup update ;-)
2008-09-28 Nabil HannaAdded mosaic plugin
2008-09-28 Frank Nehlsadded autoresolution plugin to the repository
2008-09-27 Alex Lätschadded .mkv to media extensions
2008-09-27 Michael Schmidt- plugin.py: just comments
2008-09-27 Nabil HannaAdded Password-Changer plugin (ftp/telnet)
2008-09-26 Nabil HannaAdded Zap-History Browser plugin
2008-09-26 Volker ChristianFixed a potential crash when a playlist-entry was remov...
2008-09-25 Volker ChristianYouTube-Player plugin added
2008-09-25 Felix Domkealso care about -isystem when searching for python...
2008-09-22 Volker ChristianEnable workaround for the "http-connection-not-closed...
2008-09-22 Mladen Horvatadd french translations
2008-09-21 Rico Schulteremoving *magic*
2008-09-21 Rico Schulteadding proper http header server string
2008-09-21 Rico Schulte- cleaning up no longer needed overwriting of HTTPAuthR...
2008-09-20 Rico SchulteFixing Bug which came up with the changes in Harddisk...
2008-09-17 Moritz Vennfix reading max duration from config (has been buggy...
2008-09-17 Michael Schmidt- changed hostname to text instead ConfigIP
2008-09-16 Michael Schmidt- fixed AT entry
2008-09-16 Michael Schmidtintroduced help texts...
2008-09-13 Moritz Vennuse concatenation of title&link if a rss feed with...
2008-09-13 Michael Schmidt- Entries in call list are now selectable; ok gives...
2008-09-09 Michael Schmidt- Added choices to the list with calls from the FBF...
2008-09-06 Rico Schulteadded new cams und removed old ones, thanks to Doc
2008-09-03 Michael Schmidt- change: display choices during input on entry of...
2008-08-28 Henning Behrendfix path
2008-08-28 Rico Schultelast try, sorry for spam :(
2008-08-28 Rico Schulte*** keyword substitution change ***
2008-08-28 Rico Schulte*** keyword substitution change ***
2008-08-28 Rico Schulte*** keyword substitution change ***
2008-08-28 Rico Schulte*** keyword substitution change ***
2008-08-28 Rico Schulte*** keyword substitution change ***
2008-08-28 Rico Schulte*** keyword substitution change ***
2008-08-28 Rico Schulte*** keyword substitution change ***
2008-08-28 Rico Schulteused from www.unwetterzentrale.de und www.uwz.at
2008-08-28 Rico Schulteadding new plugin Unwetterinfo
2008-08-28 Volker ChristianFixed: The xmlRequest descriptor was not closed, what...
2008-08-28 Mladen HorvatWirelessLan + NetworkWizard Italian Locale, thx Spaeleus
2008-08-24 Volker Christian*** empty log message ***
2008-08-24 Volker ChristianImproved service-information retrival from vlc.
2008-08-24 Volker ChristianSend an evSOF to the python side on start of the TS...
2008-08-24 Rico Schultehack to install missing file /usr/lib/python2.5/uu...
2008-08-24 Rico Schultelet the coverart in the screensaver move across the...
2008-08-24 Rico Schultesessionhandling changed
2008-08-24 Rico Schultefixing bug with paused playback
2008-08-24 Volker ChristianItalian locale updated
2008-08-24 Michael Schmidt- italian translation fixed
2008-08-23 Rico Schultethe unbelievable cruelly manifested itself by pressing...
2008-08-23 Rico Schultefollowing changes in StreamPlayer, changing method...
2008-08-23 Rico Schulteadding gst-plugin-neonhttpsrc to Depends
2008-08-23 Rico Schultechanging internal streaming method from ugly wget-strea...
2008-08-23 Rico Schulteadding support for fullscreen screensaver in HD skins
2008-08-23 Rico Schulteadding support for new commandline options of Seddis...
2008-08-23 Rico Schulteadding support for fullscreen in HD screens
2008-08-23 Michael Schmidt- Rewrote reverse lookup to use reverselookup.xml as...
2008-08-21 Mladen HorvatBetter wpa-supplicant termination handling
2008-08-18 Mladen Horvat-support new zydas driver
2008-08-15 Rico Schultefixing problem while starting playback, some more work...
2008-08-15 Andreas Frischfix query for PREMIERE eventnames "German Title (Origin...
2008-08-13 Michael Schmidt- reverse lookup also for CH, IT and AT
2008-08-13 Georg LukasMultiRC: compatibility to old dreamboxes; change e2...
2008-08-13 Georg LukasLetterBox: fix BSOD when box is not on letterbox/panscan
2008-08-11 Georg Lukasadded initial revision of letterbox zoom-in plugin
2008-08-11 Moritz Vennfix some problems where the config was not read before...
2008-08-11 Georg Lukasadded MultiRC plugin to control different dreamboxes...
2008-08-09 Volker ChristianTranslation updated
2008-08-09 Volker ChristianFixed a problem concerning translations.
2008-08-07 Volker ChristianTranslation template update
2008-08-07 Volker ChristianConfiguration of tv-norm and video resolution is now...
2008-08-07 Volker ChristianMake localization smoother
2008-08-07 Volker Christian*** empty log message ***
2008-08-07 Volker Christian*** empty log message ***