2011-01-13 sreichholffix webif on 7025
2011-01-11 sreichholfMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://sreichholf...
2011-01-11 sreichholffix first start on fresh installations
2011-01-11 Fraxinas[EIBox] add icons for motorized home cinema screens
2011-01-11 valiEasyMedia: customize german translation and add videodb.png
2011-01-10 Moritz Vennallow to read metadata of currently played track from...
2011-01-10 Moritz Vennadd basic pip backend for epg refresh
2011-01-10 Moritz VennMP.py: don't overwrite matchingPattern with empty strin...
2011-01-10 sreichholfMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://sreichholf...
2011-01-10 valiadd pictureplayer and videodb settings
2011-01-10 sreichholfMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://sreichholf...
2011-01-10 sreichholfBump Version. Remove Debug.
2011-01-10 sreichholfadd discrete wakeup/standby codes to /web/powerstate...
2011-01-09 sreichholfDon't use simpleresult for sleeptimer. Use a custom...
2011-01-08 valiJan(mounth) fixed (second time)
2011-01-06 valiset correct release number vor Ai.HD
2011-01-06 sreichholfbump version to 1.6.4
2011-01-06 valifix Jan
2011-01-05 sreichholfAlways listen on localhost:80 to ensure streaming works.
2011-01-02 Fraxinas[EIBox] allow finer dimmer value adjusting (-+ 1) with...
2011-01-02 Fraxinas[EIBox] add summary (oled) support
2011-01-02 Fraxinas[EIBox] implement multiswitch widget
2011-01-02 valifix utf-8 encoding for the mounths Jan. and Mar.
2011-01-02 Dario CrociUpdate for italian translation
2011-01-02 Fraxinas[EIBox] add outlet, fan and pump switching functionalit...
2011-01-01 Moritz Vennvirtualzap/src/plugin.py: ignore additional arguments...
2010-12-30 sreichholfNicer...
2010-12-30 sreichholfAdd
2010-12-30 michaelMerge branch 'refs/heads/master' of ssh://drmichael...
2010-12-30 Michael SchmidtADD: user exit for notification: FritzCallUserAction...
2010-12-29 valinew SIB for Ai.HD.controller and add nl.po to EasyMedia
2010-12-22 sreichholfUpdate some ecipse project files
2010-12-22 sreichholfChange listening behaviour.
2010-12-22 Michael SchmidtFIX: pot for login error message
2010-12-22 Michael SchmidtFIX: old bug with failed logins
2010-12-19 docfixed makefile
2010-12-19 Moritz Venneasymedia/po/de.po: set correct charset
2010-12-18 valiadd posibility to add/remove plugins to/from EasyMedia...
2010-12-17 valiadd OLED-Screens for audio plugins (working without TV)
2010-12-16 Moritz Venn{ftpbrowser,growlee}/CONTROL/control: fix dependencies...
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterplugin_*.xml: fix typos
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritter.cvsignore -> .gitignore
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterfix file permissions of non-executable files
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterremove unused files from root directory
2010-12-16 Andreas Oberritterupdate build scripts
2010-12-16 valibugfix: first run after install
2010-12-13 valimake e2_like radiomode happy
2010-12-13 valiadd MyVideo to EasyMedia
2010-12-13 valiadd switch between tv and radio mode
2010-12-13 valibugfix: list out of range / Step-2
2010-12-13 valibugfix: list out of range
2010-12-13 Acid BurnMyTube: Add DM800HDse to supportet hardware types.
2010-12-09 valiadd radio mode to easyMedia (to make radio button free...
2010-12-09 valicheckin radio.png
2010-12-08 Moritz Vennmerlinepg/src/plugin.py: IMBd -> IMDb
2010-12-06 Vali Jordanedit timer posibility by pressing pvr/vodeo button
2010-12-06 Vali Jordanrecognize 800se in the MaxTemp renderer
2010-12-06 Vali Jordanadd new oled screens for 800se
2010-12-05 Michael SchmidtCHG: make names from FBF explicit in list of calls...
2010-12-05 Nabil Hannaadd bangyoulater support
2010-12-04 Stephan ReichholfAdd missing ;
2010-12-04 Stephan ReichholfDisable broken "EPG sort". EPG coming from e2s epgcache...
2010-12-04 Dario CrociAdd italian locale
2010-12-03 Michael SchmidtFIX: add servicelist parm to main for MultiQuickButton...
2010-12-02 Dr.Bestadded missing po-Makefile for easymedia
2010-12-02 Vali Jordanfix typo
2010-12-02 Vali Jordanonly german locale yet
2010-12-02 Vali Jordangerman translation rechecked..... Thanx Ghost
2010-12-02 Vali Jordanremove locale directory from cvs
2010-12-02 Andreas Monznerbuildfix (have to be rechecked)
2010-12-02 Vali Jordanadd locale for german
2010-11-30 Dr.Bestadd support for external modules for webscreens
2010-11-29 Michael SchmidtFIX: show FBF names again, when no other info is avail...
2010-11-27 Moritz Vennvlcplayer: fix streaming with recent vlc versions
2010-11-15 Vali Jordanadd settings screen to EasyMedia
2010-11-15 Vali Jordanremove Suomipoeka main screen
2010-11-12 Vali Jordanadd EasyBookmarks ;-)
2010-11-11 Vali Jordannow is possible to browse also SAT1 teletext 3.0.2
2010-11-10 Vali Jordanfix typo
2010-11-10 Vali Jordanlittle bugfix
2010-11-10 Vali Jordannew pretty way to call showMovies
2010-11-09 Vali JordanORFteletext first check in
2010-11-09 Vali JordanORFteletext first check into CVS
2010-11-08 Dr.Bestfix for missing attribute 'CurrentIP'
2010-11-08 Vali Jordanadd iDream to easyMedia
2010-11-07 Stephan ReichholfAllow filtering by multiple tags
2010-11-06 Vali Jordanput EasyMedia in the extensions list
2010-11-06 Vali Jordanredesign screen, add VLC player and ZDFmediatheck
2010-11-04 Vali Jordanadd SOUTcast, MyTube and DVDPlayer
2010-11-04 Dario Crociupdate for italian translation
2010-11-02 Dr.Bestsmall fix in makefile
2010-11-02 Vali Jordanadd EasyMedia to CVS
2010-11-02 Vali JordanEasyMedia first check in
2010-11-02 Stephan Reichholfminor compatibility fixes for .m3u playlists (should...
2010-11-01 Dario Crociadd Italian locale - update NCID.pot
2010-10-31 Frank Lagefix nfs mount problems with latest kernel on some nas...
2010-10-29 Stephan Reichholfadd /web/mediaplayeradd?file=
2010-10-29 Vali Jordanfix hd-font, add new epglist and channellist style
2010-10-28 Andreas OberritterThe Python API requires Python.h to be included before...
2010-10-24 Georg LukasMultiRC: support new illuminated RC