2010-02-13 Stephan ReichholfMake updateIntervals configurable (Extras->Settings...
2010-02-11 Rico Schulteadds provider name to the events, duplicate data but...
2010-02-08 Dr.Best- replaced "weird" code
2010-02-08 Henning Behrendadd multi epg to quickbutton options
2010-02-07 Dr.BestFix for selecting bouquets with bouquet-key +/- after...
2010-02-07 Rico Schulteinitial commit of my widget system. it is quite alpha...
2010-02-07 Dr.Bestremoved unneeded dependencies
2010-02-07 Dr.Bestadded EventView,SingleEPG- and Similar List on "info...
2010-02-07 Dr.Bestfix missing meta declaration for meteoitalia plugin
2010-02-07 Dr.Bestnew:
2010-02-07 Dario Crociadd meta dir to makefiles and build process
2010-02-07 Dario CrociAdded italian locale
2010-02-07 Nabil Hannado not build no more working ard mediathek plugin....
2010-02-06 Dr.Bestvirtual zap plugin - initial checkin
2010-01-31 Nabil Hannapot and de.po update
2010-01-31 Nabil Hannado not enter main plugin if needed packages could not...
2010-01-31 Nabil Hannaadded meta dirs, infos and screenshots to following...
2010-01-31 Nabil Hannaadded dvd-backup plugin
2010-01-31 Nabil Hannaadded Stream2Dream support
2010-01-31 Nabil Hannado not show non more working ORF.at onDemand plugin
2010-01-31 Nabil Hannafix crash when showing movielist
2010-01-31 Nabil Hannawrite more errors into log-file
2010-01-30 Dr.Bestrstrip http line from pls-result
2010-01-29 Mladen Horvat- fix mytube meta file to show mytube only on dreambo...
2010-01-28 Stephan ReichholfRevert previous fix for non-readable Characters as...
2010-01-26 Stephan Reichholfignore illegal characters in xml content handler (shoul...
2010-01-26 Dario CrociAdd italian locale
2010-01-25 Nabil Hannaos.remove seems not to support white spaces in file...
2010-01-24 Rico Schulteupdate base_url maptiles to v53
2010-01-24 Michael SchmidtFIX: fullscreen screens with skins other than Kerni-HD1
2010-01-24 Rico Schulteadd Nederland-Cams, thanks to karmic
2010-01-23 Moritz Vennremove netgrowl since we don't depend on it any longer
2010-01-23 Moritz Vennremove workaround
2010-01-23 Moritz Vennimplement protocol by ourselves
2010-01-23 Moritz Vennadd missing import
2010-01-23 Moritz Vennuse own constant SNP_TCP_PORT - same value but less...
2010-01-23 Stephan ReichholfFix Layout
2010-01-23 Nabil Hannait locale update. Thx to Spaeleus
2010-01-22 Moritz Venni could swear that i tested this :)
2010-01-22 Moritz Vennsmaller cleanup
2010-01-22 Moritz Vennrework backends and split them up,
2010-01-22 Nabil Hanna-added dyndns and letterbox to building process (hope...
2010-01-21 Nabil Hannaadded zdf mediathek plugin
2010-01-21 Nabil Hannaadded zapstatistic plugin
2010-01-21 Nabil Hannaadded seekbar to Makefile
2010-01-21 Nabil Hannaadded seekbar plugin
2010-01-21 Nabil Hannaadded porn-center plugin
2010-01-21 Nabil Hannasort by name
2010-01-21 Nabil Hannaadded movielist preview plugin
2010-01-21 Nabil Hannacorrected homepage
2010-01-21 Nabil Hannaadded ARD Mediathek plugin
2010-01-21 Henning Behrendfix meta files
2010-01-21 Henning Behrendfix fritzcall meta file
2010-01-19 Andreas Monznerbuild and install multirc plugin
2010-01-19 Moritz Vennfix typo and registration with growl
2010-01-18 Moritz Venn - support for timeout/sticky,
2010-01-17 Dario CrociAdd italian locale
2010-01-17 Dario CrociUpdate italian translation
2010-01-16 Moritz Vennadd prowl send support and experimental (as in untested...
2010-01-16 Dr.Best- if xml element e2location returns "None", set default...
2010-01-15 Stephan Reichholfuse SCOPE_PLUGINS
2010-01-12 Andreas Monznerfix not working autoresolution plugin without restart e2
2010-01-11 Torsten LinkUpdate Description
2010-01-11 Torsten LinkSwitch de <-> en Screenshots, update descriptions
2010-01-11 Michael SchmidtFIX: FBF phonebook on older firmwares
2010-01-10 Michael SchmidtADD: unmute on call end
2010-01-09 Stephan Reichholfincrease update-intverals a lot to decrease cpu-load...
2010-01-09 Dr.BestSD-Skin adjustment
2010-01-09 Nabil Hannaadd missing resolutionlabeltxt
2010-01-08 Nabil Hannafix wrong translation
2010-01-06 Nabil Hannafix reconnecting router with user-script to special...
2010-01-06 Nabil Hannafix ccf and dlc
2010-01-03 Dr.Bestfix
2010-01-03 Dr.Besttranslation fixes
2010-01-03 Dr.Bestfixed duplicate message definition
2010-01-03 Dr.Bestshoutcast plugin: add support for custom localizations...
2010-01-03 Michael SchmidtFIX: problems with umlauten in reverse search
2010-01-03 Michael SchmidtFIX: no date stamp
2010-01-03 Dr.Best-create an own favorite-user file based on default...
2010-01-03 Dr.Bestgive user the chance to cancel the start of recording...
2010-01-03 Dr.Best-show red button caption "stop record" when recording
2010-01-03 WeeGullUpdated sv.po files.
2010-01-02 Andreas Monznersmall fixes (this fixes false positive displaying of...
2010-01-02 Dr.BestSHOUTcast plugin - initial checkin
2009-12-28 Dario CrociUpdate italian translation with new strings
2009-12-28 Dario CrociUpdate italian translation with new strings
2009-12-27 Michael SchmidtFIX: locales for new strings
2009-12-27 Michael SchmidtFIX: handle mounted devices' names more flexible
2009-12-27 Dr.Bestlocale update
2009-12-27 Dr.Best-changed plugin license
2009-12-26 Dario CrociAdd italian translation
2009-12-26 Dario CrociAdd italian translation
2009-12-26 Dario CrociItalian translation update
2009-12-26 Dario CrociItalian translation update
2009-12-26 Dario CrociItalian translation update
2009-12-26 Dario CrociItalian translation update
2009-12-26 Dario CrociItalian translation update
2009-12-26 Dario CrociItalian translation update
2009-12-26 Dario CrociItalian translation update
2009-12-26 Dario CrociItalian translation update