7 days ago reichiaihdcontroler: fix encoding master
2022-11-04 reichifstabEditor: add skin components
2022-10-02 dhwzMerge branch 'master' of https://github.com/opendreambo...
2022-10-02 dhwzFritzcall: fix speed display
2022-09-28 dhwzIMDb: fix website parsing
2022-09-27 dhwzIMDb: fix website parsing
2022-07-02 dre[MerlinEPGCenter] - add /data/picon_50x30 as option...
2022-06-24 dre[MerlinSkinThemes] V 3.0.5
2022-05-28 dhwzfritzcall fix status
2022-05-26 dhwzfritzcall: update to v1620
2022-05-03 reichigenuinedreambox: remove from build
2022-04-29 Andreas Oberritterc3vocupdater: Handle mixed newline chars in bouquets...
2022-04-15 Andreas Oberritterc3vocupdater: Install new python files
2022-04-05 reichiMerge pull request #37 from mtdcr/c3voc-xml-exc-master
2022-04-01 Andreas Oberritterc3voc: Fix exception type for XML parser
2022-03-24 Sven HEPGSearch: some fixes for the search list
2022-03-22 dhwzIMDb: fix website parsing
2022-03-14 reichiMerge pull request #35 from mtdcr/c3vocupdater
2022-03-12 Andreas Oberritterc3vocupdater: Rewrite, add EPG
2022-01-29 dre[DreamExplorer] - allow spaces in names but don't expec...
2022-01-18 dre[MerlinSkinThemes] - some small changes for hdsuisse
2022-01-08 Sven H[Elektro] - Version 3.4.7
2021-12-17 Sven Hscreensaver: fix for ssl error on loading images
2021-11-23 dhwzIMDb: fix runtime parsing
2021-11-23 dhwzIMdB: disable language setting
2021-10-16 FoxyRabbit67Update MSNWeather.py
2021-10-16 FoxyRabbit67Update setup.py
2021-10-16 FoxyRabbit67Update MSNWeather.py
2021-10-01 reichicec: fix poweroff bug
2021-10-01 reichicec: Finish handling for installting and activating...
2021-09-24 dhwzIMDb: fix single result
2021-09-24 dhwzIMDb: fix 308 error
2021-08-24 dhwzIMDb: keep search string after manual search
2021-08-24 dhwzIMDb: more cleanups
2021-08-23 dhwzIMDb: update control file
2021-08-23 dhwzIMDb: code cleanup, small fixes
2021-08-23 dhwzIMDb: translate episodes string
2021-08-23 dhwzIMDb: some more crazy fixes
2021-08-22 dhwzIMDb: reworked and added new content
2021-08-21 dhwzIMDb: improved search results
2021-08-21 dhwzIMDb: and more fixes
2021-08-20 dhwzIMDb: more fixes
2021-08-20 dhwzIMDb: indent cast episode info in new line
2021-08-20 dhwzIMDb: fix cast
2021-08-20 dhwzIMDb: fix for new website layout
2021-08-16 reichiCec: don't emit powerOn when self.session.standby is...
2021-08-14 dre[AudioSync] - only allow changing settings when an...
2021-06-21 Lukas Beutel[DreamExplorer]
2021-05-31 Andreas Monznerserienfilm: don't crash on dead symlink in folder
2021-05-04 DrMichael[FritzCall] Major UPD: make plugin Python2 and Python3...
2021-05-01 dre[EasyMedia] - replace DreamExplorerII with DreamExplorer3
2021-05-01 dre[DreamExplorer]
2021-04-26 dhwzfritzcall remove .gitignore
2021-04-25 dre[DreamExplorer] - initialise self.bookmarks when file...
2021-04-24 dre[EPGRefresh] - reworked service/bouquet config together...
2021-04-23 dhwztubelix fixed DASH VIDEO_FMT_PRIORITY_MAP
2021-04-19 dre[DreamExplorer]
2021-04-19 dre[EPGRefresh]
2021-04-11 dre[WebInterface] - forward opener for externals to have...
2021-04-09 reichicec: be more agressive when starting up (as suggested...
2021-04-07 reichiscripts: update prints
2021-04-07 reichipushservice: drop in favor of dedicated repository
2021-04-05 Sven H[PluginSort] - refresh description on move mode
2021-04-05 dre[MerlinSkinThemes] - fix missing initialisation
2021-03-28 dre[MerlinSkinThemes] - fix crash when creating images...
2021-03-18 dre[EPGRefresh]
2021-03-18 reichiWebinterface: further reduce logspam in info level
2021-03-18 reichiwebinterface: reduce logspam on info level when local...
2021-03-18 reichicec: fix handling inside "inactiveSource", set inactive...
2021-03-17 dre[EPGRefresh]
2021-03-16 dre[EPGRefresh] - give user more options for after refresh...
2021-03-16 Andreas MonznerSerienFilm: fixed possible crash caused by non accessib...
2021-03-14 dre[AutoTimer]
2021-03-13 dreadjust directory in configure.ac
2021-03-13 dre[DreamExplorer]
2021-03-13 dre[DreamExplorer] - reworked DreamExplorer
2021-03-09 reichiUpdate VendorHandlerSamsung.py
2021-03-09 reichicec: fix typos
2021-03-09 reichicec: use real pyhsical in boot cec script
2021-03-09 reichicec: talk less, it just works better. Fix handling...
2021-03-08 reichicec: fix samsung handler
2021-03-08 reichiCEC: improvements
2021-03-04 reichicec: improvements by Sven H
2021-03-03 dhwzwebinterface: fixing 'Send "long" keypress' translation
2021-03-03 reichiCEC: add (slighty adjusted) changes by Sven H.
2021-02-26 Andreas MonznerAutoresolution: fixed handling for enigma2 >= 4.5.1r3
2021-02-26 Andreas MonznerAutoResolution: fixed wrongly displayed mode after...
2021-02-26 reichiwebinterface: remove tpm check
2021-02-26 Andreas Oberritteryttrailer: remove remnants of tpm check
2021-02-26 Andreas Oberritterwebadmin: remove remnants of tpm check
2021-02-26 Andreas Oberrittermytube: remove tpm check
2021-02-26 Marcel von... Autoresolution: Properly apply special frame rate modes...
2021-02-26 Marcel von... Autoresolution: be compatible to new DisplayHardware...
2021-02-26 reichiCEC: fix power state/standby handling
2021-02-12 reichiCeC: improve AVR Handling (be a bit more agressive...
2021-02-10 reichicec: handle MSG_SET_SYSTEM_AUDIO_MODE
2021-02-09 reichicec: fix device list
2021-02-05 dhwzfritzcall merging py3 changes from 4.0 branch
2021-02-05 dhwzfix fritzcall
2021-01-29 dhwzfritzcall: fix typo