gst_dreamsource_clock: lock instance variables according to slomo's suggestions
[gst-plugin-dreamsource.git] / src / gstdreamsource.c
2015-02-26 Andreas Frischgst_dreamsource_clock: lock instance variables accordin...
2015-02-26 Andreas Frischimplement readthread for dreamaudiosource
2015-02-24 Andreas FrischMerge branch 'new_timestamps' of
2015-02-23 Andreas Frischclean up code, use pts+dts seperately
2015-02-23 Andreas Frischimplement encoder clock provider, implement independent...
2015-01-27 Andreas Frischadd ts source (like streamproxy) wip
2015-01-23 Andreas FrischFix Copyright holder
2015-01-13 Andreas Frischgst-plugin-dreamsource initial commit