2017-04-22 Andreas Monznerset version to 0.0.4 master
2017-04-21 Andreas Monznerdont spam and slow down long close loops... mostly...
2013-04-16 Andreas Oberritterfix compilation with optimization enabled
2013-01-08 Andreas Monzneruse pre allocated fd_status table to get rid of the...
2013-01-08 Andreas MonznerRevert "libpagecache was not threadsafe... fixed that,"
2013-01-02 Andreas Monznerlibpagecache was not threadsafe... fixed that,
2012-09-20 Andreas Monzneradd dup3, add missing 32bit versions of pread/pwrite
2012-09-19 Andreas Monznerset linker flags
2012-09-19 Andreas Monznerignore files opened with O_DIRECT, switch to POSIX_FADV...
2012-03-16 Andreas Monznerswitch to libdlsym
2012-01-26 Andreas Monznerpagecache.c: dont use constructor
2011-12-31 Andreas Monznerpagecache.c: do return instead of abort when the FD...
2011-09-26 ghostfixed pread and pwrite, add pread64/pwrite64
2011-09-18 ghostreplace dlsym by own version and return addresses of...
2011-09-16 Andreas Oberrittercosmetics
2011-09-16 Andreas Oberritterfix error handling in sendfile()
2011-09-16 Andreas Oberritterlibpagecache