enigma2-core-plugins: allow to override Qt image formats
[opendreambox.git] / meta-bsp / common /
2012-10-11 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2: push to 3.2.31
2012-10-04 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2: fixes stability problems since...
2012-10-01 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2: fixed jffs2 memory leak
2012-09-25 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2: update to 3.2.30, sync with linux...
2012-09-24 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2: changed fadvise patch a bit, enable...
2012-09-13 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2: update to 3.2.29
2012-09-12 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2: another dm8000 nand driver fix
2012-08-31 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox: really fixed dm8000 nand flash driver
2012-08-30 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2: fixed race condition in broadcom...
2012-08-30 Andreas Monznerdisable loop mountable squashfs compressed ipk support...
2012-08-21 Andreas Monznerdreambox-secondstage-base: add mtd-utils-flasherase...
2012-08-20 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2: update to 3.2.28
2012-08-03 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2: update to 3.2.25
2012-07-30 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2: update to 3.2.24
2012-07-11 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2: fixes, cleanups
2012-07-06 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2: update to 3.2.22
2012-06-12 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2: update to 3.2.20 (some ext3/ext4...
2012-06-08 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2.bb: fixed jffs2 SMP bug (i.e. fixes...
2012-06-07 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2: fixed clear_sublevel.patch
2012-06-07 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2: update to 3.2.19, enable MTD_BLOCK2...
2012-06-05 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2.bb: push PR
2012-06-05 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2: update dmm kernel patch
2012-06-04 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox: strip kernel, create debug package
2012-06-02 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2: fixed sata_fixes.patch
2012-06-01 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2.bb: sata fixes
2012-05-27 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox_3.2.bb: fixed wrong load average calculation
2012-05-23 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.2: add back unionfs patch
2012-05-22 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2: update to 3.2.18
2012-05-22 Andreas Monznertask-opendreambox-essential.bb: ext2 is now in kernel...
2012-05-22 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.2
2012-05-21 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.2: enable cgroups and securityfs
2012-05-11 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-2.6.18: build unionfs module
2012-05-11 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox: build unionfs module
2012-05-10 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox_3.2: set CONFIG_FAT_DEFAULT_CODEPAGE=437
2012-05-09 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox: build modules for bluetooth, dmcrypt...
2012-05-06 Andreas Monznerfixed broken dm800 usb in kernel 2.6.18
2012-05-02 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox: set CONFIG_MTD_MTDRAM=m
2012-05-02 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox: enable ISO8859-1 and UTF-8 charsets
2012-04-25 Andreas Oberrittermeta-bsp: mark bootlogo and 2ndstage as ABI safe
2012-04-23 Andreas Monznerupdate linux-dreambox_3.2 to 3.2.16
2012-04-22 Andreas Oberrittermeta-*: use d.{get,set}Var instead of bb.data.{get...
2012-04-20 Andreas Oberrittermeta-*: use SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTION where approp...
2012-04-18 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox 2.0