opendreambox.conf: disable gles2 in gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad due to build failure
[opendreambox.git] / meta-dreambox /
2015-01-19 Andreas Monznerlinux-dreambox-3.4: updated kernel to 3.4.105
2015-01-19 Andreas Monznerupdate dm7080 and dm820 hw drivers (fixed kernel oops...
2015-01-16 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: update patch
2015-01-15 Andreas Oberritterlinux: autoload nfsd module if available
2015-01-15 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules update dm7080 and dm820 hw drivers
2014-12-08 Andreas Monznerupdate dm820 hardware drivers
2014-12-07 Andreas Monznerupdate dm7080 hardware drivers
2014-12-04 Andreas Oberritterlibv3ddriver: enable dm820
2014-12-04 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: add version 20141112 for dm820
2014-12-04 Andreas Oberritterfastboot: add version 1.0 for dm820
2014-12-04 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: update patch, enable dm820
2014-12-04 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: add version 18 for dm820
2014-12-03 Andreas Oberritterdm820: add machine config
2014-11-26 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: update patch
2014-11-14 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: update patch
2014-11-12 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20141112 (dm7080)
2014-11-12 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: let ${PN}.inc use opendreambox...
2014-11-12 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: split ${PN}.inc into ${PN}-base...
2014-11-03 Andreas Monznerupdate dm7080 hardware drivers (fixed end of audio...
2014-11-01 Andreas Monznerupdate dm7080 hardware drivers
2014-10-21 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: update patch
2014-10-14 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: add depmod calls to postinst...
2014-10-13 Andreas Monznerupdate dm7080 hardware drivers to 20141013
2014-10-11 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: only recommend lcd driver, it...
2014-10-11 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-jffs2{-sum,}.inc: remove unused files
2014-10-11 Andreas Oberritterdm500hd,dm800se: don't build jffs2/nfi images, because...
2014-10-10 Andreas Oberrittersquashfs-img.bbclass: remove unused class and accompany...
2014-10-09 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: drop machine suffix in filename...
2014-10-07 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: update patch
2014-10-07 Andreas ensure defconfig updates on incremental...
2014-10-03 Andreas Monznerupdate dm7080 hardware drivers
2014-09-27 Andreas Monznerupdate dm7080 hardware drivers
2014-09-26 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: update to 20140926 (dm7080)
2014-09-22 Andreas Monznerupdate dm7080 hardware drivers
2014-09-20 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: update to #14
2014-09-19 Andreas Oberrittermeta-dreambox: use IMAGE_CLASSES variable instead of...
2014-09-17 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: update patch, fixes build with...
2014-09-16 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: regenerate patch
2014-09-16 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-3.4: update patch
2014-09-16 Andreas Oberritterlinux-dreambox-rescue: no need to use the kernel for...
2014-09-15 Andreas set a default version
2014-09-11 Andreas Monznerupdate dm7080 hardware drivers:
2014-09-11 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: repack 11r1-dm7080 as 12-dm7080...
2014-09-10 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: add Replaces and Breaks control...
2014-09-10 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: update to 11r1
2014-09-08 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: create package for stb-core,...
2014-09-06 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: update dm7080 to 20140906
2014-09-06 Andreas Oberritterfastboot: update to 1.3
2014-09-06 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: fix rootfs creation
2014-09-05 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: /proc/stb doesn't exist in recove...
2014-09-05 Andreas Oberrittermeta-dreambox: add fastboot to SIGGEN_EXCLUDERECIPES_AB...
2014-09-05 Andreas Oberritterdm7080: recommend dreambox-secondstage
2014-09-05 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: add recipe for dm7080
2014-09-05 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: update dm7080 to 20140905
2014-09-05 Andreas Oberritterfastboot: update to 1.2
2014-09-02 Andreas Oberritterlibv3ddriver: repacked
2014-09-02 Andreas change download location...
2014-09-02 Andreas adjust version parsers for...
2014-09-02 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: add drivers for dm7080
2014-09-02 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: fix typo (dm800sev2)
2014-09-01 Andreas Oberritterimage_types_nfi.bbclass: move to meta-dreambox
2014-09-01 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: fix install and postinst
2014-09-01 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-secondstage: fix SRC_URI
2014-09-01 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-dvb-modules: fix SRC_URI
2014-08-31 Andreas Oberritterlibv3ddriver: move include file to meta-dreambox
2014-08-31 Andreas Oberrittermeta-bsp/dm7080: merge into meta-dreambox
2014-08-31 Andreas Oberrittermeta-bsp/common: rename to meta-dreambox
2014-08-31 Andreas Oberrittermeta-bsp: move machine configs to central location
2014-08-31 Andreas Oberrittermeta-bsp: move linux-dreambox-3.2 configs and patches...