opkg: rename bbappend for new version 0.2.2
[opendreambox.git] / meta-opendreambox / recipes-devtools / opkg /
2014-08-14 Andreas Oberritteropkg: rename bbappend for new version 0.2.2
2014-08-12 Andreas Oberritteropkg: drop patch to not install recommended packages
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritteropkg-collateral: remove bbappend, use defaults
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritteropkg: update patches for r653
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritteropkg: fix upgrades of packages conflicting with themsel...
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberrittermeta-opendreambox: stop using PR
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberrittermeta-opendreambox: stop using PRINC
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritteropkg: add patches to fix virtual packages (provides...
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritteropkg: adapt patches for svn r649
2013-02-17 Andreas Monzneropkg: on image creation time recommends should be handl...
2013-02-17 Andreas Monzneropkg: some fixes/changes for handling packet recommends
2012-09-13 Andreas Monzneropkg_svn: fixed broken uname gname cache (this signific...
2012-08-23 Andreas Monzneropkg-collateral: download package lists to /var/tmp...
2012-05-21 Andreas Oberritteropkg: auto-delete .pyo files
2012-05-17 Andreas Oberritteropkg: update patches, revert SVN r556
2012-05-17 Andreas Oberritteropkg: hopefully improve conflicts handling, link statically
2012-05-08 Andreas Oberritteropkg: Fix losing auto_installed flag on upgrading ...
2012-04-26 Andreas Oberritteropkg-collateral: use same 'dest' for all machines