libbluray: Fix upstream URL
[opendreambox.git] / meta-opendreambox / recipes-multimedia / vlc /
2020-04-28 Andreas Oberritterlibbluray: Fix upstream URL
2020-04-28 Andreas Oberritterlibbluray: use BPN in SRC_URI to fix multilib build
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterlibbluray: disable bdjava by adding a packageconfig...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterlibbluray: update to current git
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberrittermeta-opendreambox: stop using PR
2012-05-07 Andreas Frischlibbluray: bump to latest git revision
2012-04-20 Andreas Oberrittermeta-*: use SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTION where approp...
2012-04-18 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox 2.0