vsftpd: enable IPv6 when started with xinetd
[opendreambox.git] / meta-opendreambox / recipes-qt /
2016-10-18 Andreas Oberritterqtbase/qtdeclarative: split packages for libs and plugins
2016-10-15 Andreas Oberritterqtwebkit: add compile fix, possibly breaking ANGLE
2016-10-05 Andreas Oberrittermeta-opendreambox: remove qt4
2016-09-28 Andreas Oberritterqtwebkit: add HbbTV related patches
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterlibconnman-qte: replace host path in pkgconfig file
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterlibconnman-qt: import from old meta-oe
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterqt4: update bbappend for 4.8.6
2015-10-02 Andreas Monznerqt4-embedded_4.8.5: we dont want a try .. catch(.....
2014-10-10 Andreas Oberrittersquashfs-img.bbclass: remove unused class and accompany...
2014-09-17 Andreas Oberritterqt4: Export qt_get_server_queue function
2014-08-13 Andreas Oberritterqnullscreen: use opendreambox_srcrev()
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterlibconnman-qte_git.bbappend: avoid installing the plugin
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterlibconnman-qt5: moved to meta-qt5
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterlibconnman-qt: add qt5 variant
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterqt4: regenerate patches, force disable gstreamer in...
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterqt4: enable dbus, explicitly disable gstreamer and...
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterqt4: bump bbappends to 4.8.5
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterqt4-x11-free: add bbappend for Qt/X11 with GLES2
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterqt4-embedded: remove obsolete dependency filter
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterqt4-embedded: move patches to directory qt4-4.8.4
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberrittermeta-opendreambox: stop using PR
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberrittermeta-opendreambox: stop using PRINC
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterqt4-embedded-4.7.4: remove unnecessary bbappend
2014-08-05 Andreas Oberritterqt4-embedded: update bbappend for 4.8.4
2013-04-16 Stephan Reichholfqtwebkit: don't mess up playbin2 by adding WebkitWebSou...
2012-12-07 Andreas Monznerqt4-embedded_4.8.1: removed ttf-vera and ttf-dejavu...
2012-12-07 Stephan Reichholfqt4-embedded: add patch to always raise "keypress"...
2012-12-07 Stephan Reichholfqt4-embedded: improve npapi handling w/o X11. Allow...
2012-08-30 Andreas Monzneruse new squashfs compressed package stuff for qt4 core...
2012-06-02 Stephan ReichholfQt 4.8.1: expose QUpdateLaterEvent
2012-05-24 Andreas Oberritterqt4-embedded: customize build configuration
2012-05-24 Andreas Oberritterqnullscreen: initial recipe (1.0)
2012-04-20 Andreas Oberrittermeta-*: use SUMMARY instead of DESCRIPTION where approp...
2012-04-20 Stephan ReichholfAdd patch to expose Webkits WebSecurityEnabled setting...
2012-04-18 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox 2.0