Updated upstream Git repositories
[opendreambox.git] / meta-opendreambox /
2016-10-15 Andreas Oberritterpackagegroup-opendreambox-gstreamer-1.0: install bash...
2016-10-15 Andreas Oberritterpackagegroup-boot-systemd: install bash-completions...
2016-10-15 Andreas Oberritterpackagegroup-opendreambox-base: install bash and bash...
2016-10-15 Andreas Oberritterbase-passwd: use bash as login shell for root
2016-10-15 Andreas Oberritterbusybox: enable bash symlink
2016-10-15 Andreas Oberritterqtwebkit: add compile fix, possibly breaking ANGLE
2016-10-15 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: update to 4.3.0r15
2016-10-08 Andreas Oberritterpackagegroup-opendreambox-cdplayer: remove unused recipe
2016-10-08 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: add direct dependency on cdfs (required by...
2016-10-08 Andreas Oberritterpython-requests: prefer same version from meta-python
2016-10-08 Andreas Oberritterqmake5_paths: copy from meta-qt5 with some modified...
2016-10-07 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox: disable manpages for apt
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterpython-transmissionrpc: update to 0.11
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterdreamrtspserver: add missing dependency on libsoup-2.4
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: add binary for dm900
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterrecovery-ui-bin: fix installation
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-rescue-image: always install stb-core
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: adjust dependencies for Qt5 (needs new binaries)
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterrecovery-ui-bin: fix build
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberrittergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: update to 1.1r7
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox-archive-keyring: update to krogoth key
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterlibpassthrough: rebuild, bump version to 0.5
2016-10-06 Andreas Oberritterrecovery-ui-dm500: rename to recovery-ui-bin, add dm900
2016-10-05 Andreas Oberritterrm_old_work: remove obsolete bbclass
2016-10-05 Andreas Oberritterrecovery-ui-dm520: drop unnecessary dependency on boost
2016-10-05 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: add dm900
2016-10-05 Andreas Oberritterrecovery-web: add dm900
2016-10-05 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox-precompiled-binary: don't strip precompile...
2016-10-05 Andreas Oberrittermeta-opendreambox: remove qt4
2016-10-04 Andreas Oberrittermeta-opendreambox: drop gstreamer 0.10
2016-09-28 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox: use default WORKDIR path
2016-09-28 Andreas Oberritterfcgi: convert to bbappend
2016-09-28 Andreas Oberritterqtwebkit: add HbbTV related patches
2016-09-28 Andreas Oberritteropkgfb: remove unused recipe
2016-09-28 Andreas Oberritterkompex-sqlite-wrapper: drop unused recipe
2016-09-28 Andreas Oberritterlibxmlccwrap: drop unused recipe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberrittermmc-utils: use recipe from oe-core
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberrittersdparm: use newer version from meta-oe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterpython-ujson: use recipe from meta-python
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritteropencore-amr: use recipe from meta-multimedia
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterpython-netaddr: use newer version from meta-python
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterminidlna: use newer version from meta-oe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterltrace: use newer version from meta-oe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterlirc: use newer version from meta-oe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterlibdvdread: use newer version from meta-oe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterlibdvdnav: use newer version from meta-multimedia
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterlibcec: use newer version from meta-oe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberrittercdrkit: use newer version from meta-oe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberrittercdparanoia: use recipe from meta-multimedia
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterpython-twisted: pyopenssl is a core dependency, recomme...
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterpython-service-identity: new recipe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterpython-attrs: new recipe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterpython-pyasn1-modules: new recipe
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberritterpython-pyasn1: use newer version from meta-python
2016-09-26 Andreas Oberrittertpmd: recompile for mips32el
2016-09-19 Andreas Oberritterlighttpd: fix reading from block devices, enable mmap
2016-09-16 Andreas Oberritterlibpassthrough: add 0.4.1 binary for arm
2016-09-15 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: depend on util-linux-blkid for detection...
2016-09-15 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: switch from parted to sgdisk
2016-09-15 Andreas Oberritterlighttpd: listen on port 80 by default
2016-09-15 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-buildimage: update to 1.5
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberrittertpmd: add precompiled binary for arm
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterblindscan-utils: add precompiled binary for arm
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberrittermmc-utils: update to latest revision
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterdbttcd: add precompiled binary for arm
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterdccamd: add precompiled binary for arm
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-hbbtv-plugin: add precompiled binary for arm
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: include emmc dependencies for bcm7439
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterhaserl: update to 0.9.35
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterdreamrtspserver: split out dreamrtspserver.inc, add...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterconnman: convert back to bbappend, use a wrapper script...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterqxmpp: add recipe for qt5
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterqxmpp: update to 0.9.3
2016-09-14 Andreas Monznerlibdvdnav_git.bb: fixed SRC_URI
2016-09-14 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugibs: add missing parted dependency
2016-09-14 Andreas Monznercdfs: fixed compile with kernel 3.14
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterpython-oauth2client: set cleanbroken to fix build
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox.conf: set correct packageconfig option...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox.conf: set PACKAGECONFIG for nfs-utils
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterpackagegroup-opendreambox-enigma2: drop enigma2-plugin...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterdccamd: update to 1.4.1
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterblindscan-utils: update to 1.10
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterrecovery-web: split-out .inc
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterrecovery: modularize a little, split-out .inc
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-hbbtv-plugin: rebuild with gcc5
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterdbttcd: update to 1.10
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: split-out inc file, bump version to 4.3
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: drop recipe for 4.0
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox.conf: set packageconfig options for apt
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-image: nfo was created too early, move it...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-compat: libjpeg-turbo now provides libjpeg...
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox.conf: bump distro version to 2.5.0
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterzvbi: fix license flags
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterlibssl: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberrittervsftpd: update to 3.0.3
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberrittervsftpd: Explicitly set EXTRA_OEMAKE as required
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterbusybox: rebase patches onto 1_24_stable
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterr8192c: update to 4.0.2-9000.20130911
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterpython-flickrapi: update to 1.4.5
2016-09-14 Andreas Oberritterlibconnman-qte: replace host path in pkgconfig file