2019-07-15 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add patch to fix global skin variable backport
2019-07-13 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-libav: lower the AAC decoder rank to prefe...
2019-07-10 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.2r6
2019-07-10 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.2r6
2019-07-08 reichipython-youtube-dl: update to 2019.07.02
2019-06-21 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dm920 drivers to fix APSK1...
2019-05-29 reichienigma2-plugins: bump revisions
2019-05-23 reichigolang-plaincast: updated patch to add RestartSec=2...
2019-05-03 reichipython-youtube-dl: update to 2019.04.30
2019-05-02 Andreas Monznerupdate dm7080 hardware drivers
2019-04-29 reichipython-youtube-dl: update to 2019.04.24
2019-04-26 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.2r5
2019-04-05 Andreas Monznerenigma2-defaultservices: update
2019-03-13 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugins: switch to branch 4.3
2019-03-13 Andreas OberritterUpdated upstream Git repositories
2019-03-12 Andreas Monznerenigma2: add small python patches
2019-03-12 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dm900/dm920 hardware drivers
2019-03-11 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: update dm900/dm920 hardware drivers
2019-03-09 Andreas Monznerenigma2: update to 4.3.2r4
2019-03-09 Andreas Monznerflash-nrf52: update ble module firmware to 1.3
2019-03-09 Andreas Monznerdreambox-dvb-modules: updated hardware drivers for...
2019-02-19 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.2r3
2019-02-16 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.2r2
2019-02-16 Andreas Monzneradd RTL8812AU wifi driver
2019-01-22 reichipython-youtube-dl: update to 2019.01.17
2019-01-22 reichigolang-plaincast: update to latest version (requires...
2018-12-04 reichiEnhancedMovieCenter: update to 20181108
2018-12-04 reichienigma2-plugin-extensions-seriesplugin: update tzo...
2018-11-27 reichiflash-nrf52: update to 1.1
2018-11-27 Andreas Monznerupdate dm900/dm920 hardware drivers
2018-11-19 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugins: push srcrevs for stable update
2018-11-19 Andreas Monznerlibdvbsi++: push srcrev (added descriptor length testin...
2018-11-14 reichipython-youtube-dl: update to 2018.11.07
2018-11-12 reichiskincomponents-serviceresolution: initial receipe
2018-10-31 reichipackagegroup-opendreambox-base: add tzdata-europe
2018-10-22 reichisatip-client: use postinst to avoid overwriting existin...
2018-10-17 Andreas Monznerupdate dm820 hardware drivers: fixed high systemload...
2018-10-15 reichisatip-client: bump rev for tcp support. Properly instal...
2018-10-04 reichienigma2-plugins: bump rev
2018-10-04 reichienigma2: fix crash on skins without horizontal scrollba...
2018-10-04 reichipython-idna: fix hyphen check for youtube
2018-10-02 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.2r1
2018-10-02 Andreas Monznerupdate dreambox hardware drivers for dm920, dm900,...
2018-10-02 reichidreamliveserver: update to 1.5
2018-10-02 reichienigma2-plugin-systemplugin-inputdevices: add DREAMBOX_...
2018-10-02 reichienigma2-plugin-systemplugins-inputdevicemanager: RRECOM...
2018-10-02 reichiflash-nrf52: initial receipe
2018-10-02 add ble module
2018-09-13 reichiAdd InputeDeviceManager Plugin
2018-09-13 reichipython-youtube-dl: bump version
2018-08-10 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: push to 1.7 to fix "Das Erste...
2018-07-03 reichiyoutube-dl: bump version
2018-05-28 Stephan Reichholfpython-pywebostv: initial receipe
2018-05-28 Stephan Reichholfpython-ws4py: initial receipe (0.4.2)
2018-05-28 Stephan Reichholfpython-future: initial receipe (0.16)
2018-05-25 Stephan Reichholfenigma2-plugins: add libsss-segment to RDEPENDS
2018-05-24 Stephan Reichholflibsss-segment: fix github org
2018-05-24 Stephan Reichholflibsss-segment: initial receipe
2018-05-17 Andreas OberritterMakefile: use cached srcrevs to generate cross-compile...
2018-05-14 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.1r28
2018-05-14 Andreas Monznerupdate dm920 hardware drivers (fixed a possible demux...
2018-05-14 Andreas Monznergstreamer1.0-dreamsinks: uhd subtitle fix
2018-05-13 Andreas Monznergstreamer: allow subtitles for h265/vp9 content
2018-05-11 Andreas Oberrittergstreamer1.0-libav: fix compilation on arm
2018-05-07 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-plugin-extensions-infobartunerstate: update...
2018-04-27 Andreas Monznerdreamliveserver: push to 1.4
2018-04-25 Andreas Monznerdreamliverserver: push to 1.3 (improved stability)
2018-04-25 Andreas Monznerupdate dm920/dm900 hardware drivers:
2018-04-20 Stephan Reichholfenigma2-plugins: fix RDEPENDS_${PN} for webif
2018-04-20 Stephan Reichholfpython-voluptuous: add receipe
2018-04-20 Andreas Monznerenigma2-plugins: push SRCREV's for stable release
2018-04-09 Andreas Monznerupdate dm920 and dm900 hardware drivers
2018-03-28 Andreas Monznerlive555: fixed rtsp teardown
2018-03-28 Stephan Reichholfenigma2-plugin-pzyp4t: bump srcrev
2018-03-28 Stephan Reichholfsatip-client: bump rev
2018-03-28 Stephan Reichholfenigma2-plugin-pzyp4t: initial recipe
2018-03-26 Andreas Monznerdreamliveserver: push to 1.2
2018-03-26 Andreas Monznerlive555: optimized udp throttling again
2018-03-26 Stephan Reichholfgstreamer: backport patch for proper rtsp teardown
2018-03-23 Andreas Monznerupdate dm900/dm920 hardware drivers
2018-03-23 Andreas OberritterRevert "Makefile: allow to override directory structure"
2018-03-22 Andreas Monznerdreamliveserver: rtsp optimizations, compatibility...
2018-03-22 Andreas Monznerlive555: fixed support for older kernel, small udp...
2018-03-21 Andreas Monznerupdate dm920,dm900 hardware drivers
2018-03-20 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.1r27
2018-03-20 Andreas Monznerenigma2: 4.3.1r26
2018-03-20 Andreas Monznerdreamliveserver: force auto replacement of dreamrtspserver
2018-03-20 Andreas Oberritteropendreambox.conf: remove defunct mirror
2018-03-20 Andreas Oberritterbuild/*/bitbake.env: use hardcoded path to support...
2018-03-20 Andreas Oberrittermeta-games: bump srcrev
2018-03-20 Andreas Oberritterenigma2: install enigma2-journald
2018-03-20 Andreas Oberritterenigma2-journald: new recipe for journald config overrides
2018-03-20 Andreas Oberritterdreambox-console-image: install busybox-syslog by default
2018-03-20 Andreas Monznerdreamliveserver: binary release 1.0
2018-03-19 Andreas Monznerlive555: build shared libraries
2018-03-15 Stephan Reichholflive555: add 20180218
2018-03-15 Stephan Reichholfsystemplugins-streamserver: require dreamliveserver...
2018-03-13 Stephan Reichholfpython-youtube-dl: bump rev
2018-03-05 Andreas OberritterMakefile: allow to override directory structure
2018-03-04 Andreas Oberritterbuild/*/Makefile: use hardcoded path to support build...