conf/machine/include: add
[openembedded.git] / packages /
2008-09-04 Henry von Tresckowlinux-kexecboot-2.6.24: add new version (mainly for...
2008-09-04 Thomas Kunzemerge of '0d3b0d788fccfc1c07e0da07e8f8596c062e2ef2'
2008-09-04 antkexecboot: add patch to read mtdparts from /proc/cmdline
2008-09-04 Robert Schustermerge of 'afb6c3c64da628a593ffe6ee1c8fc8c62affa93f'
2008-09-04 Robert Schusterclasspath 0.97.2: Added cp-byte-loophelper.patch.
2008-09-04 Robert Schusterclasspath: Added missing patch file decimalformat.patch .
2008-09-03 Michael Lauermerge of '7a4784a76121e6cf9b4204ebe5c812e2e540767f'
2008-09-03 Koen Kooivino: update to 2.22.2
2008-09-03 Michael Lauermerge of '8757cea2a30d383fc8b9e31dc7ae714a4df33a64'
2008-09-03 Michael Lauerfso-sounds: install some sounds from fso artwork repository
2008-09-03 Koen Kooix11vnc: fix SRC_URI
2008-09-03 Michael Lauerpython 2.5.2 ship shlex in python-shell
2008-09-03 Koen Kooibluez update to 3.36, the last version in the 3.x series.
2008-09-03 Michael Lauermerge of '23d1f770a092f023ba951e138b787c9bacc3152d'
2008-09-03 Koen Kooilinux-omap2 git: enable more usb stuff for beagle
2008-09-03 OpenEmbedded Projectmerge of '464f86e91e3d4d47be8a4dc58c4d915ae7e86599'
2008-09-03 Stanislav Brabecmidori updated to version 0.0.20
2008-09-03 Stanislav Brabecwebkit-gtk updated from snapshot 35533 to snapshot...
2008-09-03 Koen Kooignome-python-extras: add 2.19.1
2008-09-03 Koen Kooignome-panel: add librsvg to depends
2008-09-03 Koen Kooimerge of '1044732b8a88225ade87ce8064bd97dee00124ac'
2008-09-03 Stanislav Brabecbison updated to version 2.3:
2008-09-03 Koen Kooignash: enable ffmpeg and plugin
2008-09-03 Koen Kooichromium: add recipe for the google chrome browser
2008-09-03 Koen Kooignash-minimal: don't package libltdl, we have libtool...
2008-09-03 Robert Schusterclasspath-native 0.97.2: Removed automake <1.10 incompa...
2008-09-02 Koen Kooifennec: add skeletor to build fennec, the mobile browse...
2008-09-02 Koen Kooiffmpeg: bump SRCREV
2008-09-02 Koen Kooibluez-utils: reenable hidd
2008-09-02 Koen Kooignash-minimal cvs: fix missing trunc() definition,...
2008-09-02 Koen Kooignas-minimal: add ffmpeg support
2008-09-02 Koen Kooiffmpeg git: make default for avr32
2008-09-02 Koen Kooiffmpeg: move improved staging method from _git to .inc
2008-09-01 Michael Lauerremove linux-openmoko
2008-09-01 Michael Lauermerge of '5031449809d92a9131e43cf42ee07eaecb4fbeff'
2008-09-01 Michael Lauermerge of '2044642e8174795647f8a119435ed8787c7aff99'
2008-09-01 Michael Lauermerge of '99187c0da3a302acfa7fa4f93194f5f358f40d92'
2008-09-01 Michael Lauertslib 1.0 remove all traces of tslib-input_raw-grab_eve...
2008-09-01 Koen Kooisane-backends: update to 1.0.19 and fix libtool issues
2008-09-01 Koen Kooignome-panel: update to 2.22.2
2008-09-01 Koen Kooigphoto2: update to 2.4.2 and fix libtool 2.x issues
2008-09-01 Koen Kooimerge of '2d574b396363dc4b0725e8562582f359dc3f9e9e'
2008-09-01 Koen Kooisugar-datastore: add 0.82
2008-09-01 Koen Kooipython-xappy: add 0.5
2008-09-01 Koen Kooixapian-core: update to 1.0.7
2008-09-01 Henning Heinoldaufs: added aufs(another union filesystem)
2008-09-01 Koen Kooietoys: doesn't contain arch specific binaries
2008-09-01 Koen Kooietoys: add etoys from sugarlabs, build tested only
2008-09-01 Koen Kooisugar-base: more rdepends, it gets to the 'desktop...
2008-09-01 Koen Kooipython-numpy: add gross hack to make it build
2008-09-01 OpenEmbedded Projectmerge of '1ac2e0e784cd41f10bc1873b42ca201381b538e4'
2008-09-01 Rod Whitbytask-openmoko-feed: Added midori, microcom and emacs
2008-09-01 Koen Kooimythtv 0.21: directfb 1.2 changed headers, so disable it
2008-09-01 Koen Kooisugar-base: depend on ssh-keygen
2008-09-01 Koen Kooiopenssh: package keygen seperately
2008-08-31 Paul Eggletonlibqpe-opie: enable rtti
2008-08-31 Paul Eggletonkonqueror-embedded: improve 20070316 version
2008-08-31 Koen Kooidia: update to 0.96.1
2008-08-31 Koen Kooiempathy: put scrollkeeper stuff that conflicts with...
2008-08-31 Koen Kooipython-numpy: fix wrong include paths, but it still...
2008-08-31 OpenEmbedded Projectmerge of '080fcdca01d44047b988dbb0ff626190537f5cae'
2008-08-31 Paul Eggletondcopidl: upgrade to 3.5.8 to fix fetch issues
2008-08-31 Koen Kooisugar base: add presence service
2008-08-31 Koen Kooisugar-presence-service: add 0.82.1
2008-08-31 Koen Kooiempathy: add 2.23.90
2008-08-31 Koen Kooisuagar base: more rdepends
2008-08-31 Koen Kooiintltool native: fix up m4
2008-08-31 Koen Kooitelepathy mission control: update to 4.67
2008-08-31 Koen Kooilibtelepathy: update to 0.3.3
2008-08-31 Koen Kooitelepathy python: update to 0.15.1
2008-08-31 Koen Kooitelepathy salut: add 0.3.4
2008-08-31 Koen Kooitelepathy gablle: update to 0.7.8
2008-08-31 Koen Kooitelepathy glib: update to 0.7.14
2008-08-31 Koen Kooiloudmouth: update to 1.3.2
2008-08-31 Koen Kooiclutter: sync with poky
2008-08-31 Koen Kooiohm: sync with poky
2008-08-31 Koen Kooisugar-base: add librsvg-gtk to RDEPENDS to get svg...
2008-08-31 Koen Kooicairo: bump PR for pixman change
2008-08-31 Koen Kooixserver-xorg: bump PR for pixman change
2008-08-31 Koen Kooipixman 0.11.8: add more arm asm
2008-08-30 Paul Eggletonzshopi: fix source URL
2008-08-30 Paul Eggletonmetakit: fix source URL
2008-08-30 Paul EggletonFix path to qcop
2008-08-30 Paul Eggletonopie-mediaplayer1: Add 1.2.3 versions of mediaplayer1...
2008-08-30 Paul EggletonFix path to qcop
2008-08-30 Paul EggletonFix paths to qcop
2008-08-30 Paul Eggletonopie-pics: install symlink icon for file selector
2008-08-30 Paul Eggletonopie-clockapplet: install alarm icon image
2008-08-30 Paul Eggletonopie-security: install ownerinfo.png in cvs version
2008-08-30 Paul Eggletonlibqpe-opie: fix error in do_patch compilation for...
2008-08-30 Paul Eggletonopie-cardapplet: add detection of card insert/remove...
2008-08-30 Rod Whitbytask-openmoko-feed: added epdfview
2008-08-30 Stelios Koroneospackages/ffmpeg/ : Add libmp3lame...
2008-08-30 Leon Woestenbergffmpeg: Brought in ifaistos' missing patch for fixed...
2008-08-30 Leon Woestenbergffmpeg: Revert DEPENDS on coreutils-native. Instead...
2008-08-30 Rod Whitbytask-openmoko-feed: Added pidgin
2008-08-30 Rod Whitbybluez: Updated rest of the packages to 3.33 (since...
2008-08-29 OpenEmbedded Projectmerge of '1ee552cc6f52635092d975d976326b9977dfc32e'
2008-08-29 Koen Kooimerge of '05c8ac666734fffe4be207c184a8d6ec410c203f'
2008-08-29 Mike WesterhofSlugOS 5.0: task-slugos - temporarily add mdadm and...